Doing WARPAINT print version final corrections today #wabwm

By Holly Lisle

My readers burned the midnight oil, and a bunch of them got their bug-hunt finds in to me.

I spent the weekend AWAY from the book so I would be able to actually see it today. Did what was to have been a cool promo video for WARPAINT instead—except, A) it was dumb, and B) I couldn’t get sound to work on YouTube anyway. So the weekend was a dead loss.

There’s something wrong with Screenflow 4.0.1 that’s generating dead-sound errors in YouTube (and in other software I’ve been using. I’ll HAVE to get this fixed, because Screenflow is how I create the video parts of courses. Or find something that will work.

But not today. Today, WARPAINT.

Oh. An aside.

Several folks have suggested that I get in touch with the Minecraft community to let them know about the free Minecraft maps (plural—I have the space station about ready to go up, too).

I have no idea how to get the word out to Minecraft folks.

Do any of you?

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