Doing the podcast today

It’s late. Really, really late. Deadlines clobbered me, but I’m back on my feet now.

And I have a bunch of wonderful questions; today I’ll answer some of them. No new mic yet—the sound will be awful as usual. With luck, the content will overcome that.

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3 responses to “Doing the podcast today”

  1. Alastair Bridgewater Avatar

    eitje: I have. You talk into the cone for the speaker, which makes the magnet at the back vibrate, moving across the coils for the electromagnet, generating a signal. Or however it works. Basically running the headphones in reverse. Works in a pinch, but the sound quality is rarely anything to write home about.

    Fortunately, crappy mics are extremely cheap, or even free if you know someone who’s been using computers for a while. Time was, any new internal modem or soundcard for a PC, or any new mac would come with a low-end microphone. Over a few years of the upgrade treadmill, one tended to either accumulate spares or throw them out with the boxes.

  2. eitje Avatar

    good lord, i’ve never heard of anything like that, chassit!

  3. Chassit Avatar

    Ha ha, Holly your lucky. You have a microphone. I tried my hand on a podcast the other day, but all I have is a pair of headphones–note, it is NOT a headSET, it’s a pair of headphones–that when you plug into a microphone port, they work as a microphone. THAT is seriously bad quality. Good luck on the podcast!

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