Doing mail ate the day

By Holly Lisle

Actually, the mail part of the process of sending out contest winners’ books wasn’t too time consuming. Finding the books, however, was a nightmare. It turns out that I have no more copies of either Diplomacy of Wolves or Vengeance of Dragons (or if I have them, they’re buried far, far away from all the rest of my author’s copies.) But I didn’t determine this until I’d turned the house upside-down trying to find them.

So no words got written and no charts got made today. I did, however, discover that someone found my website with the following search.

“do nurses get paid less than football players”

Long pause while you consider this question. Any guesses on the answer?

The answer to that question is Yes. Lots less. Bunches less. Unimaginable mountains less. If your job options are professional nurse or professional football player and money means anything to you, play football. The pro football contract-minimum salary is about twenty times what a top nurse makes in a year, and if you’re any good, the salary inequity becomes staggering.

If you like your knees, though, and you value people, be a nurse. It’s a critical job, and you never doubt that you’re doing something with your life that makes a difference.

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