Does this template work with your browser?

Please let me know if this template works or doesn’t work for you, and either way, what platform you’re on, and what browser you’re using, including version number.

Thanks very much. I appreciate your help in getting this thing to be readable and useful for everyone.

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34 responses to “Does this template work with your browser?”

  1. TimK Avatar

    Hey, Holly. If you’re using the “subscribe-to-comments” WordPress plugin, you can fix the problem with the checkbox down at the bottom pretty easily. Just log in as an administrator, go to the “Options” tab, and the “Subscribe to Comments” sub-tab. On that page, there’s a checkbox labeled, “Do a CSS “clear” on the subscription checkbox/message (uncheck this if the checkbox/message appears in a strange location in your theme).” Uncheck that, and the problem should be solved. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. PolarBear Avatar

    Pretty text colors. Much brighter. (On IE6)

  3. Holly Avatar

    Anders–I accidentally deleted the images file about two upgrades back. I’ll add them in as I’m able (those that still exist, anyway), but it’s way low on the priority list.

  4. heatherwrites Avatar

    Pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚ Everything looks and works fine. I’m running IE7 on Windows Vista.

  5. anders Avatar

    Your new template seems to have broken all the image links within your entries; viz. this entry:

    Attractive template; no problems on either Safari 2.0.3 or OmniWeb 5.5.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Okay. I’ll stick with this template, then, and see if I can get that “subscribe to comments” thing fixed.

    Thanks so much to all of you for letting me know how this worked for you.

  7. PolarBear Avatar

    And at the office on XP and IE6, it also works fine.

  8. Jim Avatar

    Extremely readable with whatever browser is in AOL 9.0SE on a widescreen Gateway notebook.

  9. arrvee Avatar

    Firefox 1.5 on Win98 SE

    Great template! Looks really good.

  10. Bridget Avatar

    Works perfectly for me too, another IE7 on XP.

  11. PolarBear Avatar

    Firefox and Windows XP — looks good. Scales well for adjusting window size (I have a 24″ monitor so I can see several windows at once, and when template wants the whole thing, I object. This one behaves).

    It also looks fine in IE7 on the same machine.

  12. TimK Avatar

    BTW, I accidentally subscribed to this thread. (I prefer to subscribe to threads via RSS.) And when I click on “Manage your subscriptions” in order to unsubscribe, I get a completely white page with only the words, in black Times, “You may not access this page without a valid key.”


  13. TimK Avatar

    Hi, Holly. I’ve tried it on a number of browsers and platforms.

    The only problem I noticed is that the “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail” checkbox is WAAAAY down at the bottom. That’s because it has style=”clear: both” on it, which means the browser thinks it has to go down below the side-navigation bars. It probably shouldn’t be using style=”” anyhow; it should be using class=””.

    Here are the the browsers I tried it with:

    On Mac OS/X 10.4.9:
    Safari 2.0.4 (419.3)

    On Windows XP Pro SP2:
    IE 7.0.5730.11

    On Windows 2000 5.00.2195 SP4:
    IE 6.0.2800.1106

    On Mandriva 2007.0 (Linux):
    Konqueror 3.5.4
    Opera 7.542
    Lynx 2.8.5rel.1 (04 Feb 2004)

    With Lynx, it was annoying that the (very long) side-nav content all came first. And the content was formatted poorly. Don’t know why. But it was still usable.


  14. valerie Avatar

    Not only does it look great in Firefox, but it scrunches nicely to one side. I keep a chat window open in about 1/5 of my 17″ monitor, so it’s nice when *the other stuff* is happy to cooperate with the remaining 80%.

    Hey, don’t laugh. I get some writing done too. Really.

  15. nienke Avatar

    I’m also on Firefox – works fine, although the middle window gets awful skinny unless I’m on full screen.
    I also viewed it via Microsoft Outlook 2000 SR-1, same thing. But looks great on full screen.

  16. BJSteeves Avatar


    Looks great on my systems, both IE 7 and Firefox 2 on XP, and Firefoc 2 and Opera 9 on my RedHat FC6 box.

  17. ejoy Avatar

    Looks good in Firefox

  18. lizb Avatar

    I like the new look. It’s clean and easy to read. It works well with my laptop running XP Pro and IE 6.0. So far I haven’t found any glitches, but I haven’t had much time lately to browse.
    Thanks Holly, great job.

  19. TJ Avatar

    Looks good here. Running Yahoo Browser 7 built off IE6 on a semi-functional XP OS.

    Psst! JeriT The box to check or uncheck is separated from the comments. You have to scroll all the way down to the bottom.

    I prefer not to receive followups via email either.

  20. JeriT Avatar

    Holly, your weblog still automatically subscribes me to post I commented on and I get all follow-up comments sent to me by e-mail. But now the uncheck box has disappeared when I comment.

    Is there a chance to have that box NOT CHECKED by default?

  21. IanT Avatar

    Works fine for me – Firefox on Mac OSX.

    Much cleaner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. JeriT Avatar

    Firfox on XP. Looks great. I love the new template!

  23. kilishan Avatar

    Holly – Looks great. I really appreciate on the liquid layout too. Fills the 20″ widescreen nicely. I’m running Windows XP SP2, and it testing great on Firefox 2, IE 6, IE 7, and Opera 9.0.2.

  24. Pixie Avatar

    Looks good…I’m using IE7 on Windows XP.

  25. Zink Johnson Avatar
    Zink Johnson

    Looks great on IE 7. Really nice layout, too.

  26. Chassit Avatar

    I’m running on Internet Explorer 7.0 on Windows XP, and my laptop runs Windows Vista, and both seem to be running the site perfectly, and it looks cool too!

  27. tambo Avatar

    I’m on an iMac OS 10.2.8 and running Netscape 7.2. It works just fine for me. Very tidy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Rick Avatar

    I have Internet Explorer 6.0 – or possibly 7.0 – running on Windows XP. There was one quirk before that you seem to have fixed, where the most recent post was on top and the rest didn’t begin until under the side columns. But it looks good now!

    I have a 14-inch widescreen laptop monitor, by the way.

  29. TinaK Avatar

    Looks great on my Firefox 2.0, Windows XP on my 17 inch laptop monitor.

  30. laubaineworld Avatar

    Looks great Holly. I’m running Firefox version 1 with SUSE Linux 9.2.


  31. KatFeete Avatar

    Works on a Mac running Camino 1.2.

  32. BklynWriter Avatar

    looks good on my laptop. firefox on windows xp

  33. MerylF Avatar

    Firefox 1.5.0.

    The template works fine, but from an asthetics POV, the pale grey words (eg Administrivia, Appearances etc) don’t stand out and would be near impossible for someone with visual impairment of any kind.

  34. Aergonaut Avatar

    Looks good from here. I’m browsing with Firefox 2 on Ubuntu 7.04.

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