Do you own and play Minecraft? Want my spaceship models?

Yes, I’m a geek.

Using Minecraft, I built life-sized walkthrough models of the spaceships I write about in Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood and Warpaint from the schematics I drew. I did it to keep myself from making stupid location mistakes in the stories. (And let’s be real…it was fun. And when I was a kid, I used to pray to God to send me to space instead of heaven if I died. At this point, building my own spaceships in Minecraft is as close to space as I’m ever going to get.)

Thing is, they’re pretty cool. I did them for myself, and I use them for story accuracy—but when I mentioned them to an interviewer, he got really enthusiastic about them. And pointed out that it’s possible to make copies of maps that other people can then download and use in THEIR copies of Minecraft. (Something I’d known, but hadn’t considered in relationship to myself.)

So I thought it might be cool to zip them up and let the folks who buy the books download them as a “Thanks for buying the books” gift.

But…would this even interest you?


The friggin’ poll software isn’t working. AAAAAGH.

I’m putting together another poll with different software now. (I HATE SOFTWARE THAT DOESN’T WORK!)
Comment below, and I’ll different poll software in this spot in a minute.

By the way…

Vote will give me a rough idea of the percentage of my readers who’d be able to use the maps.

Comments and questions will let me know what you’re actually thinking. I appreciate both. :D


If you vote, apparently you can’t reply. Or there’s some other glitch.

But anyway, if you can’t reply on the post page, you can reply HERE. I can’t reply on this page, so will only be able to reply to posts on the linked comments page below.



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Do you own and play Minecraft? Want my spaceship models? — 8 Comments

  1. *I* might not play minecraft, but my nephew does. Actually, I do much the same thing as far as creating references for what I write/create. Although I grant that mine aren’t digital to start with – they’re sewn dolls. Check them out here: I use them for reference when creating my digital characters.
    Originally, they were to help me keep character descriptions straight in my novel (which due to being “experimental fiction” was 100% rejected). Not that I mind the novel being totally unacceptable to publishers – actually, it taught me quite a bit about how chicken they really can be since they’d say they liked it but didn’t want it because of its being experimental. Oh well, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve moved on to making it a comic book series instead. Anyway, my dolls now help with page layouts instead of descriptions… and they’re reasonably popular in my store, too!
    So, for those that don’t play minecraft but still want to make reference objects for books, I’d be willing to help with drafting patterns and teaching sewing tricks.

  2. Yes please! I love Minecraft and I loved HTCB, the two together would be amazing. Exploring the spaceships would be so much fun on its own, but it would also provide a visual reference for the story. Seems like a win to me. Great idea. What a nice bonus for buying the book. :D

  3. I am a teacher at a middle school in Bentonville Arkansas. I saw your email at the start of class today and shared it with my students. These kids LOVE Minecraft! They thought it was amazingly cool that a grown-up author uses Minecraft to help in writing books. We looked up your books in our library and some of them can’t wait to go to Barnes and Noble to check out your work. So, from my 4th hour 5th graders you have fourteen “YES!” votes.

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  5. Yes and yes. :p

    I just bought Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood a week or so back, though it’s currently sitting second in my read order behind one that an old school friend wrote.

    Does this mean you play Minecraft too then? If so, how do you set time limits when there’s always that ‘one last thing you need to do’? :D

  6. I’ve thought about doing this very thing. I decided, however, that it would end up consuming way too much of my time. Time better spent actually writing. Minecraft was already the biggest reason I didn’t write on a regular basis.

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