Disease Day in Deadline-Land

By Holly Lisle

I’m down with something. Matt got it first, and has been sick as hell for about a week, but he’s getting better. Now it’s my turn. I woke up this morning feeling rocky, but put it down to not enough sleep. Got up, wrote, did okay — though I’m going to have to slice out about three thousand words first thing tomorrow, boy howdy, and I’m SO looking forward to that. But as the day progressed, I felt sicker and sicker and sicker, and now I rank my self high on the list of People To Be Avoided by the Healthy.

Coughing, aching, headache, more coughing, general malaise and overall wobbliness. I’m going to dodge into a hole and drink lots of fluids and hope this passes quickly. I’m one of those people I can’t stand to be around when I’m sick.

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