Discussing the MOON & SUN series: The Ruby Key, The Silver Door, and The Emerald Sun

By Holly Lisle

My most frequently asked question on THE MOON & SUN series is “When are you going to do the next book?”

So I’ll answer that one now. I’m doing it next.

When I come back to work after my break in December, I’m putting together the rest of the Create a World Clinic, and will use The Emerald Sun as part of my worldbuilding demo for that course.

THEN I’m doing the extension on my How To Write A Series course, and The Emerald Sun is going to be my demo for picking up a series after a break.

THEN, I’m going to finish the HTTS Walkthrough—and, you guessed it—doing the actual completion of the first draft of the novel is going to be the demo for THAT.

So by the end of 2013, the first draft of The Emerald Sun will be done. And I’ll get it into print as quickly as possible after that.

But if you have OTHER questions about the first two books, the series, or the upcoming The Emerald Sun, ask them here.

Holly Lisle

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