Discussing the MOON & SUN series: The Ruby Key, The Silver Door, and The Emerald Sun

My most frequently asked question on THE MOON & SUN series is “When are you going to do the next book?”

So I’ll answer that one now. I’m doing it next.

When I come back to work after my break in December, I’m putting together the rest of the Create a World Clinic, and will use The Emerald Sun as part of my worldbuilding demo for that course.

THEN I’m doing the extension on my How To Write A Series course, and The Emerald Sun is going to be my demo for picking up a series after a break.

THEN, I’m going to finish the HTTS Walkthrough—and, you guessed it—doing the actual completion of the first draft of the novel is going to be the demo for THAT.

So by the end of 2013, the first draft of The Emerald Sun will be done. And I’ll get it into print as quickly as possible after that.

But if you have OTHER questions about the first two books, the series, or the upcoming The Emerald Sun, ask them here.

Holly Lisle

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100 responses to “Discussing the MOON & SUN series: The Ruby Key, The Silver Door, and The Emerald Sun”

  1. Jennifer Gomez Avatar
    Jennifer Gomez

    Jumping in a little late here. Since it’s 2021, will the Emerald Sun still be published? I understand, especially with the pandemic, that it might take even longer to publish.
    That being said, since the original number of sequels were shortened from 7 to 3, when will we see Dan and Yarri get together?
    My apologies if the question was too abrupt, if necessary, feel free to email me instead of replying here.

    1. Holly Avatar

      There is a long, ongoing conversation on The Emerald Sun scattered all over the site… and the answer is… complicated.

      Here are the most-frequent posts on the book that have my many, many answers on what’s going on with the book:
      Ohio Series and Planning The Emerald Sun
      Ohio 3 and Quick Emerald Sun Notes
      The Ohio Series, Book One, and The Emerald Sun planning
      This is a book I desperately want to write. And if you read at least these three posts, and all the answers I have already given to the question you’ve asked, you’ll know where I am on the current novels, the importance of their success to The Emerald Sun and my ability to write it… and you’ll know that I want to write this book as soon as humanly possible, but the need to eat and pay bills while writing it is dependent of the series I’m currently writing. I hope that this reply and the links I’ve provided help answer your question.

      1. Jennifer Gomez Avatar
        Jennifer Gomez

        Yeah sure! No pressure. Just wanted to know, curious. And um, didn’t know where to find the links you kindly posted (before), or how to check for updates. Sorry for any pressure-it was unintentional. Thank you for replying. I never wanted to convey any sense of entitlement. Like I said, the pandemic has complicated things for everyone. I don’t want you to burn out. Best of luck!

        1. Jennifer Gomez Avatar
          Jennifer Gomez

          Sorry, new at this. Just wanted to clarify that I didn’t know how to find because I was confused since there are multitudes of servers on this topic. I didn’t know which message board to check, since there’s a lot of them. And again, truly, really sorry for offending you.

          1. Holly Avatar

            Hi, Jennifer. I wasn’t offended in the least. I’m very happy the folks who loved the first two books still want to read the third one, and I’m very hopeful that the five books I’m writing now will make that possible.

            It’s simply tiring to keep answering the same questions in different threads, and I’m hoping that if I can get all the folks onto the same few, I won’t have to repeat myself so often.

  2. Elle liane Avatar
    Elle liane

    Um it’s 2017 and I was just wondering if the Emerald Sun is still happening? Five years and there hasn’t been any news.

    1. Elle liane Avatar
      Elle liane

      Also, I am very sorry about your health problems, I didn’t mean to sound impatient or anything, I was just wondering if it was still planned.

    2. Holly Avatar

      I am thrilled to announce that The Emerald Sun is now scheduled. I have to finish the final three episodes of the Longview Series (novellas, mostly, so shorter than full-length work).

      But thanks to folks funding my Patreon, I’m now back to doing one hour a day of fiction, and hope to be able to increase that to two hours a day in the next few months. With fiction-writing time scheduled and bills still getting paid, The Emerald Sun is the next project on the boards.

      Not even Cadence Drake comes before it.

      1. Nat Avatar

        Since it’s already 2018 when is the book coming out? Do you have a scheduled date the it comes out? I can’t wait!

        1. Holly Avatar

          The rights to the first two books have now reverted to me. Which means I’ll be republishing the first two in new editions independently, while writing the third.

          I have five of the six stories in the Longview Series written. I have to revise and publish the fifth, then write and publish the sixth. It has taken me about three to six months for each of these, so I’m anticipating it taking that long for the final one.

          Once Story Six of Tales from the Longview is done, I pick up Emerald Sun where I left off so many years ago, and get back to work on that.

  3. Amber Avatar

    Amber again! Are you already working on your third book? No rush but i cant wait. BEST SERIES EVER!! hopefully it comes out ASAP.

    1. taneisha Avatar

      Do you happen to know what time the ruby key takes place in.

      1. Holly Avatar

        Hi, Taneshia. It takes place in the far future, in an alternate version of Earth.

        1. taneisha Avatar

          thanks but can you give me some evidence because i am doing a book project and i need text evidence.

          1. taneisha Avatar

            not to be rude or anything because you are the author of the book so you probably know what your talking about.

            1. Holly Avatar

              I definitely know what I’m talking about. I built the world.

              The evidence is in the combination of technology in the ruins that is higher than the technology in the the initial villages. You’ll have to go through and find specific examples.

  4. Nicole Avatar

    When will the book be published? I can’t wait for more Genna and her friends! (especially Doyati 😉

  5. Amber Avatar

    i have just one question.
    will you make the last book? yes or no. it would be absolutely wonderful if you did.


    1. Holly Avatar


      1. Amber Avatar


  6. Annabell Avatar

    So what is happening now with The Emerald Sun? You ended the contract with Scholastic in October 2014, and where does that leave us now? Pleeasee write the third book 🙁 please. I read the first book when I was in 5th grade. I’m now a freshman and college and wonder about these books often still! I need it… please.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’ve been dealing with a broken business site and health issues for a couple of years now, and ALL of my fiction ended up on hold.

      Thanks to folks taking over core functions for me—Dan Allen building my business site and my daughter taking over the help desk—I’m starting to gain a little ground. The business site is now in high-beta: students are taking classes, the forums are working, I’m now able to put classes on sale as I get them done.

      Once I get the next surgery done on my tongue, I’ll work on getting the rest of my classes live, and then move on to writing fiction again.

      This is a much slower process so far than I’d hoped it would be, but I am getting there.

  7. Heidi Avatar

    Hi, this is the same Heidi from earlier comments.
    Yes, it’s true, I’m still waiting for that third book. However, it disappoints me to know that there won’t be one. Despite Scholastic denying the book, I encourage you to write it anyways! I’m not sure what will become of it, but maybe Sun and Moon readers and I could get our hands on it in the future…

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      If I broke my contract in the manner you suggest, Scholastic would own the third book without having to pay me for it. So, no, I’m not going to do that.

  8. brianne Avatar

    i am soooo upset to hear about the way scholastic is treating you and this amazing moon and sun series. i think you should totally start a petition to get them to either buy the third book, or wave the non-compete clause. it just isnt fair…and i’m dying to know what happens next!!!

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Contracts have nothing to do with fair or unfair. If you sign them, you live and die by them. THIS is why I’m not signing any more of them, though.

  9. Angela Avatar

    I am hoping for an update on this topic. Have you made any more progress toward publishing the third book in the Moon and Sun trilogy? The last entries I am seeing says something about a possible ebook. Is it out there somewhere already?

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      I have nothing but bad news in this regard. There’s a non-compete clause in my contract which means I CANNOT write the third book for anyone but Scholastic (including myself), and Scholastic isn’t interested.

      So, no, there is no third book, and probably never will be.

      1. Amanda Avatar

        I loved the first two books an I am really sad holly can’t make a third. :*{

  10. Benjamin Avatar

    I loved the ruby key, and the silver door, Is there a third book, I’ve heard something about The emerald sun. I’m not sure, It really takes a bit to get me to read a book. Its hard to find one that catches my attention and makes me read more. These two did, and if there is a third, I need to know.

  11. Ruchika Avatar

    First of all I want to apologize for bothering you so mush. I just picked up the two books and went through them real quick. But you saw what I mean right, when I was reading the Ruby Key and the Silver Door the names and their Hindi meanings fascinated me and (creeped me out)
    First of all Genna (to live) is the chosen one who will save humans and nightlings, and lead them to live a life of freedom.
    Yihanni (“that means…”) if my memory is as good as I think then they were the village wise-women. Who told people about things and gave people answers and all.
    Yarri (friendship) she becomes a true friend to both Dan and Genna, which also shows that nightlings and humans can coexist in harmony and peace.
    Navan (Naven means ‘new’ or ‘fresh’) he is the first new character introduced in the Silver Door, and not only that he is also a new villain our main characters must face. He also signifies a new era of Sun-wizardry (in my opinion, you know, as he caught the moonroad and all)
    Jagan (‘to awaken’ or ‘the awakening’) waking up Jagan also marked the wakening up of the Spire. This is one of the revolutionary changes Genna and Catri brought about, right.
    (all these words are either from ancient-Hindi or street-slang-Hindi)
    Last but not the least Holly (Holi is the festival of colors in India) kind of like how you filled the nightlings and your books with so much color. Like the explosion of a rainbow.
    And to be fair Ruchika (shining, beautiful and desirable) unfortunately I do not possess any of these characteristics.
    Now, I want you to go back and think when you were writing you novels, and then imagine how I must have felt while reading. Creepy, isn’t it? The symbolic meanings. I know you were an American writer, and to read your books made me wonder, if you were part Indian…
    So, just for fun, ask yourself this, Am I somehow part-Indian? Because this can only come through deep knowledge of Hindi…  or some heavenly miracle and one hell of a coincidence.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I wish I could claim deep knowledge of Hindi. I love languages. But the names of my character all came from not one but two languages I built from scratch, using my method of “Reductionary Alphabetization,” then picking out sounds I liked that to me fit the characters.

      I can’t claim any Indian/Hindu ancestry—to the best of my knowledge, I’m primarily of Northern European stock, with some rumored Cherokee generations back (and completely unprovable) that would be cool if it were true, but that came from an unreliable source.

      So all of this ends up being the weirdest coincidence I have ever seen.

      1. Ruchika Avatar

        I know it a coincidence. I just thought it might interest you. 🙂

        1. Holly Avatar

          It really does. I’m trying to figure out a logical explanation for how that happened.

  12. Ruchika Avatar

    To be honest, the MOON & SUN would make a beautiful triology. That is if you manage to end the write book 3 better than the last two.(thats a challenge, becaust the last two were so good…)I like three-book series.
    Holly, were you aware of the fact that in Hindi Yarri means ‘friendship’…?

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Ruchika,

      Thank you. I’ll do my best.

      Holly, were you aware of the fact that in Hindi Yarri means ‘friendship’…?

      Absolutely no clue. Yarri’s name is a case of lucky coincidence.

      1. Ruchika Avatar

        Well, in that case, you might be interested to know that in Hindi, Genna means ‘to live’ and Navan can also be referred to as Naven that means ‘fresh’ or ‘new’.

  13. Sarah Hudson Avatar

    Just got the MOON & SUN books from my local library, read them in two days, and came here to find out what’s happening with the series. I’m so excited for the third book! And, um, I also have a crush on the cat.

    It looks like it’s a big club. We should get t-shirts.

  14. Dirk Porsche Avatar

    Hi, I’m a potential new reader.

    This post: http://iamkellibeck.com/2013/05/14/author-spotlight-holly-lisle/ brought me here and I’m very interested. Unfortunately, the first books don’t seem to be available as eBooks. Any chance, that might change in the future?

    Do I have to read the first books, to get into the story?


    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Dirk,

      The two books in the Novels of Korre are TALYN (out of print, but I’m indie-pubbing the reprint in both ebook and print versions when I can make the time), and HAWKSPAR. They’re stand-alones.

      The three novels in the WORLD GATES series are MEMORY OF FIRE, THE WRECK OF HEAVEN, and GODS OLD AND DARK. Rights have not reverted to me, I THINK all three are in ebook versions, but HarperCollins doesn’t keep in touch. :/ They’ll make much more sense if you read them in order.

      The two books of the Moon & Sun series are THE RUBY KEY and THE SILVER DOOR. I’m indie-pubbing the third, THE EMERALD SUN, as my next new novel. I have been hampered by migraines which just kill my creativity, so I’m late on that. But to the best of my knowledge, Scholastic has NOT released ebook versions of either of the first two. And again, reading them in order would be a BIG help.

  15. Morgan & Hope Avatar
    Morgan & Hope

    We are reading Ruby Key, and love it. I, Morgan think Yarri is the best character. How many books will there be? Me, Hope I think that Genna by far is the best character.

    1. Holly Avatar

      There will be at least three. I’m indie-pubbing the last one: I have writing the book planned for this year, but migraines are just KILLING my schedule.

  16. Ellie Avatar

    Holly, My name is Ellie Maple. I have read Ruby Key and in the process of Silver Door. Ruby Key is better, by far. I hope Emerald Sun is even better! Knowing you, Silver Door will get better. Please Keep Writing! You are my #1 author!!!!!!

  17. Genna Avatar

    hi holly, I’m in the process of reading the ruby key. it is definitely a great book, im wondering, where did you get the idea for the ruby key, who and what are the characters based off of?

  18. boingalongs Avatar

    I love Holly’s books so much that I have been reading them foe six months strait! That is how much I love your books.

  19. Morgan Avatar

    I think everyone has a reason for living. Holly’s is writing. Mine may be soccer, or some other thing that I do not know about. Holly, you should never stop writing! EVER! At least the Moon and Sun series. These are the best books I have read. Can you tell me your other kids book cause I totally want to read them! When I can read adult books, I will definitely read yours!

  20. Michael Avatar

    Following on: Others have asked about a movie and mentioned how much they like the covers by Joshua Middleton. I was trying to pin down what his style reminded me of, and, when viewing Katsushika Hokusai’s “36 views of Mt Fuji,” I realized that the colors Middleton uses are very much like those of Japanese woodblock prints.

    The ideal would be an animated series of films, illustrated by Middleton!

  21. Michael Avatar

    Dear Ms. Lisle,

    If you find that Moon & Sun: The Emerald Sky M&S:TES is popular, but not profitable, you could open up the world to fanfic. You mentioned above that you are using TES as part of the demo for your worldbuilding course. This means we fans of the series will see much of how the realms of Moon and Sun are created and be able to emulate the process. And fans of the cat could write about all his (mis)-adventures when he’s outside of the main plot.

    My question about taandu magic is this: Flowers are supposedly good nightlings who drank taandu elixir. If they are so good, how did they tolerate Letrin’s evil rule for so long? Or the war against humans? Or the enslavement of their fellow nightlings?

  22. Melanie Matthews Avatar
    Melanie Matthews

    My daughter loved The Ruby Key and so do I! Would it help if we as readers write to scholastic asking them to give your rights to the first 2 back? We are so looking forward to reading more from this world and would love to see it on the big screen as long as they stick strictly to your imagery from the books. This world seems even bigger and more wondrous than the world of Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series. Please put us down on your list for pre orders of book 3! We silk pray that you will be able to continue the series, that the series will take off far better than you are hoping for! Also would a pre order opportunity help you if we as readers could purchase in advance a copy to ship when it completes? So that you would already know you had them sold? I am site others would be just add interested in getting the third on order add well from some of the above posts!

    1. Melanie Matthews Avatar
      Melanie Matthews

      I’m sorry my Swype function changed some words up there. Silk was supposed to read will, and site was supposed to read sure.

      1. Melanie Matthews Avatar
        Melanie Matthews

        I’m sorry I found another, add is supposed to be as.

      2. Holly Avatar

        😀 Yeah, autocorrect is just WORLDS of fun.

    2. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Melanie. No, asking Scholastic to revert rights they legitimately own wouldn’t help. The print books are still in print, and they own the rights to the ebooks by a contract that I signed willingly. If they choose not to use them, I cannot force them to.

      There is absolutely nothing that can be done about this.

      I own the rights to the world and characters, however, and will write the third book to stand alone so that readers who didn’t find the first two will be able to jump in anyway.

      And I don’t set my self-pubbed work up for pre-orders. The ONLY reason to buy something as a pre-order is if you know it’s going to come out in a limited quantity, and you think it might be scarce.

      I’m bringing the book out via ebook and POD print, which is publish on demand. So quantities will be infinite. 😀 And I don’t want to take anyone’s money before I have a product to give them.

      1. Melanie Matthews Avatar
        Melanie Matthews

        Good, well that makes sense. We can hardly wait. Do you have any plans for your stories to possibly appear as movies in the future? Surely that could be profitable as well?

        1. Holly Avatar

          Oh, I WISH that were how that worked. 😀 The writer does not find movies. Movies find the writer. [I note wistfully.]

  23. Yashaswi Avatar

    im glad that you are at last going for the third book…
    i’ve beenlong waiting for that book.

    1. Melanie Matthews Avatar
      Melanie Matthews

      Just for you Mrs. Lisle, I discovered my full email address was incorrect as well I corrected it I hope as I did get a confirmation email to manage subscriptions but to which it said I had none I will try again with post to see if it corrects but please if you wouldn’t publish this one. Arrrrgh these new fangled “smart” phones are frustrating!

  24. Sofie Stevens Avatar
    Sofie Stevens


    We were wondering what happened to all the nightlings. Only Yarri is in the silver door. Also, Banris,we know he is evil but, how is he related to Genna and Dan????????????

  25. Heidi, Akane, Danielle Avatar
    Heidi, Akane, Danielle

    The audiomaerist was a big part of both books. In The Ruby Key, she gave Genna an ominous pinch, which had some unknown effect. What was the pinch, what did it do, and how does it work?

  26. Reiana Avatar

    Holly, How can you stop writing?????? I was planning to read them all!! Don’t stop the moon and sun series. EVER!!!

    1. Heidi Avatar

      I’ve been wondering as I read your books, how do you come up with such extravagant names, places, and other proper nouns. Is there a certain insperation that you’ve discovered?

      1. Holly Avatar

        Hi, Heidi,

        It’s not inspiration. It’s process.

        In my quest to know everything about everything (still working on it it but not there yet :D) I studied languages, and linguistics (how languages are put together), and the histories of languages.

        I then took apart the languages I’d learned or studied, (English, my first language, and Spanish, when I learned as a kid when I lived in Costa Rica and Guatemala, and French, which I studied for three years in high school, as well as other languages I studied briefly) looking for the essentials of how they worked. And I started building my own languages.

        I build languages or language parts for my books, and develop the names in the stories from them.

        I also wrote a short course teaching other people how I do this. (Create A Language Clinic) The course would be useful for folks from about the freshman year of high school on up.

        I note that to say there’s no short answer to the question. I go through a lot of background work to make my names fit my characters and world.

    2. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Reiana,

      The problem with being an adult who writes books for a living is that you have to get paid enough to live on what you make. I’m a full-time writer, which means what I make off the books I write has to support me and my family from the time I sell the book to the time I sell the next one.

      The MOON & SUN series, when I was writing for Scholastic, didn’t do as well as Scholastic had hoped, so they cut what they offered for the third book to below what I had to make to live on.

      I would not have been able to make enough money while writing the third book for them to feed my family while I was writing it.

      So I refused their offer, and walked away from the series. When I started self-publishing, I decided to write the third book for myself.

      BUT self-publishing works differently. You don’t get paid ANYTHING until after you’ve written the books. So I’m taking a BIG risk finishing the third book on my own. I’ll have to live on other projects I’m doing and have done while I write it, and then afterward, it has to sell well enough to pull its own weight.

      In other words, it has to work hard enough (by selling to readers) for me to keep making a living in order to write other books in the series.

      If it doesn’t, I can’t keep taking the risks to write more in the same series.

      And because I have no control over the first two books (for which Scholastic controls the rights) I cannot keep the books in print, make ebook versions available, or in any other way help the sales of the third book.

      So the odds are very large that I’ll lose money writing the third book. I know this going in, but I get so many letters and emails from kids that I decided to go ahead and finish just this book (it’s already about a third done) so you guys would have an ending to the story I started telling you.

      I cannot, however, commit to more books in the series if the first one costs me more to write than it makes me.

      This is the hard part of writing—every bit of it is work, and lots of it, and every project a writer decides to do prevents the writer from doing other projects.

      If you live on your writing, you have to weigh every project you do on this scale: Will this feed me and my family, or will we starve if I do this?

      It’s an unforgiving scale.

  27. Heidi Avatar

    I love your writing Holly! I’m so exited to interact with other fans and of course you, but I’ll keep in mind that you’re really busy.

    1. Morgan Avatar

      Heidi, I think everyone on this site loves Holly’s writing and her stile! No one wants her to stop! We are all waiting for the Emerald Sun. We all want more books. One problem, the bookstores don’t sell 1,000,000,000 books!

      1. Morgan Avatar

        Heidi, sorry if that was rude. I did not intend for it to be. You sound like a nice person and great writer and reader.

  28. Holly Avatar

    A quick note for Moon & Sun readers: I am at this moment doing the publication of the print version of WARPAINT: A Cadence Drake Novel, and that is going to take me the rest of this week.

    Give me time to catch my breath, and I’ll be back in to answer the questions you have up there, and any you ask in the meantime. Remember, I have to approve posts by first-time posters, so if your post doesn’t show up right away, it’s because I’m not online. 😀

  29. Danielle Avatar

    Our group is waiting for your third book – not so patiently!!
    What happened to Yarri’s parents after Genna said her name to the bard in her dream? Where did Yarri’s parents go?

    1. Danielle Avatar

      I wondered where they went because Yarri said they would go somewhere terrible.

  30. Akane Avatar

    How can Master Navan go on the moonroads, but no one else in the sun wizard colony even knew anything about moon magic? And if he was a sun wizard, how could he do moon magic?

    1. Holly Avatar

      😀 I’m going to give you a quote I from an author I started reading when I was in about the seventh grade, Arthur C. Clark. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

      I twisted it around a bit for the MOON & SUN worlds, so than any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from science.

      In the MOON & SUN universe, people can LEARN magic. Some, like Genna, have special talent for it (in the same manner that I DON’T have any talent whatsoever for understanding math—an awful flaw that killed any hopes I had for joining the space program way back when).

      Master Navan knows both. He also has a secret, however. Book Three for that. 😀

      But the better you are at learning one kind of magic, the easier you’ll understand the underlying rules and systems behind other kinds of magic.

      People who are really good at learning spoken languages and understand how languages work can learn and retain a lot of them.

      People who understand the logic and systems of computer programming can learn to program in different computer languages.

      And in the MOON & SUN universe, people who really understand how moon magic works can, if they find the books and tools, learn sun magic.

  31. Danielle Avatar

    We are enjoying your books. A few questions…
    1. Who was Master Navan the whole time? While he was teaching and then with Banris?

    1. Holly Avatar

      That’s what’s called a spoiler. If I told you, it would wreck Book 3.

  32. Akane Avatar

    Bubbles defeated Banris in The Ruby Key. How did these bubbles and their magic work? Are they sun magic or moon magic??

  33. Heidi,Danielle,Akane Avatar

    One Question… Where did Yarri’s parents go after Genna said her name to the bard in her dream?

  34. Veronica Avatar

    I agree, the cat is quite a hilarious creature, but with all the plot twists and turns, it’s hard to keep up with the cat’s laughable comments.

    1. Holly Avatar

      😀 I’ve done my best to give my readers reasons to keep turning pages. I wanted him to be one of the reasons, but not all of them.

  35. Leo Avatar

    In Silver Door, Doyati, Yarri and Danrith were sent out to different place to do various jobs for Master Navan. Genna and Catri remained at Arrienda. We feel that these characters were sent to different places so that to decrease their power. It seems to go along with the idea of divide and conquer.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Nice catch. You have a good, strong sense of paranoia. Being able to spot situations like this can save your life…and life would have worked more easily for Doyati, Yarri, Danrith, Genna, and Catri had they spotted what was going on.

  36. glkawesdfg kqvjb Avatar
    glkawesdfg kqvjb

    Me love your books HOLLY!!!!

    1. Holly Avatar

      😀 Thank you. I’m delighted you liked them.

  37. Nanje Avatar

    Ruby Key
    Silver Door
    Emerald Sun

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m committing to the third one, and am going to tie it off in such a way that I have the option to write more books in the series. But having the rights for the first two tied up with Scholastic while I’m doing the third one on its own makes it difficult for me to build out the world in MOON & SUN. The first two books could disappear at any time, and I have no control over that. I have no control over the presence or absence of ebook versions for the first two.

      So that’s why there WILL be a third, but why the series may end there.

    2. Kimmy Avatar

      Same here!! Can NOT wait!!

    3. Bob Avatar

      The next one is the bronze window. hahahaha

  38. Shawna Avatar

    Am I the only one with the thought… “the cat came back, he couldn’t stay away, the cat came back…” etc., going through my head? Mmmm. Tie up the trilogy’s story, if you must… but leave the world open, pretty please? That cat… he’s just something else.

    And I can’t believe no one else is going World Clinic, World Clinic, she said she’s doing the World Clinic – NEXT!
    And practically jumping up and down like I am. Because THAT is the one I’ve been waiting for. For years now. Since oh… let me look. At least August 2006, if not longer. I for sure remember that post, and the one from August 2007. LOL.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Funny thing is, I keep circling around a short story with the title THE CAT CAME BACK set in the MOON & SUN universe.

      You definitely weren’t the only one.

  39. Grafton Avatar

    It’d be nice to have Joshua Middleton do the cover for it.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yes, it would. When I get to the point where I have any idea what will BE on the cover, I’ll contact him and at least find out what he’d charge.

      I may not be able to afford him, but I’ll give it my best shot.

      1. Grafton Avatar

        Yeah. I’m pretty sure someone’s suggested something similar before, but once you get to the point where you’ll need a cover you could start a Kickstarter campaign. I’m sure there’s plenty of people who’d hate to see an incomplete cover set.

  40. Jennifer Avatar

    Yay! I’m so glad to hear the series will get it’s third book; I have loved the first two books.
    And I’m glad I’m not the only person with a secret crush on the talking cat. 🙂

    1. Kimmy Avatar

      I like the cat in all. He is funny. He calls people a idiot. A crush on him…???!!! Really??

      1. Holly Avatar

        The cat is my favorite character. I built him around my cat, Spenser (named for the detective, not the poet). Spenser died a few years ago, and I miss him.

        Genna and Danrith are my favorites after the cat, though.

      2. Morgan Avatar

        Kimmy, I totally agree! I mean, throughout the book, you debate if the cat is good…or…bad. If I was one character, I would be Yarri. Yarri is so adventurous, and skinny and so spunky.

    2. D.D. Avatar

      Take a peek at Lucy’s comment, Jennifer!!!

  41. Johanna Avatar

    Will Emerald Sun be the conclusion of the series? Are you self-publishing this — did you get the rights back from Scholastic? Also, is it wrong that I kind of have a crush on the talking cat? 😉

    1. Holly Avatar

      LOL! I’d planned to give the series seven books.

      However, I don’t have the rights to the first two back from Scholastic, and at the same time have no interest in working further with Scholastic as a publisher for later books.

      So doing extra books in the series becomes an object lesson in frustration.

      I’m finishing the series, and self-publishing the last book, because so many kids have asked me to.

      I love the world. And the cat. At some point in the future, I may do something with them. But The Emerald Sun will wrap up the Moon & Sun series—not what I’d hoped to do, but the best I can do with rights to the first two books tied up.

      1. sarah Avatar

        Yay! I have been looking for news on the third book for two years now! I have to say, I LOVE this series. It’s like nothing I’ve read before! You had me hooked from the first paragraph of the first book. And what an amazing heroine. I’m sooo glad your not ditching this.

        And yes, everyone has a crush on the cat, including me :)(it’s hard not too, I had secretly hoped he might be Doyati in the first book)… Speaking of Doyati, what about the not so subtle hints of the growing romance between Genna and Doyati? PLEASE tell me there will be more of Doyati in the 3rd book. They’re just so cute together!!!!( I’m a hopeless romantic, so please don’t disapoint me!)

        Anyways, I’ve already bought the first two books and am counting the very SECONDS till I can buy the third!

        P.S. You rock!!!

    2. Lucy Avatar

      The cat is not my fav. He is the funniest character in the books. But a crush on him…???!!!

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