Discovering the Deeper Parallels

On the surface, Talyn is a story of two enemies thrown together in a situation where they have to depend on each other for their lives, and where their shattered nations must depend upon the two of them. It’s both a war story and a love story, and I was perfectly content with that.

But working my way deeper into the text (I have over 200 manuscript pages completed now) I discovered that it has some parallels with here and now that I did not plan and did not anticipate. But I like them — I think they add depth and a powerful subtext for those who choose to read for such things. Having discovered these parallels (I won’t detail them because I’m afraid they would be a huge spoiler), I’ve now made a conscious decision to keep them obscure and in the background to avoid distracting from the primary storyline.

But I’m excited. AND I got my words again today.

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2 responses to “Discovering the Deeper Parallels”

  1. KH Avatar

    I know what you mean. What I’ve experienced is that I planned an event for my novel a year or two ago, and then a similar event took place in the world recently. It’s going to look like I got my inspiration from current events, when that wasn’t actually the case. Oh, well.

  2. Michael aka HighNside Avatar

    Yeah!!! Good to hear it’s going well. It really sounds interesting!

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