Discord and Rhyme: My Cowboys Have Always Been Heroes

My husband has a new column at The Escapist. Take a look.

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7 responses to “Discord and Rhyme: My Cowboys Have Always Been Heroes”

  1. Bethanie Avatar

    What a great article! Excellent message and brilliantly written. Congrats to Matt!

  2. cmw951 Avatar

    Nice article. Made me remember the hours/days/was it years? I spent playing Mario Bros w/my kiddo who is now out of college and living a life.

  3. LisaM Avatar

    I loved the article, too. It’s heartwarming to read about someone who is aware of what’s important in life.

  4. Krista Avatar

    Love the article. Even shared it with my hubby because I thought he’d appreciate a lot of what Matt had to say.

    Pass along my congrats!

  5. djmills Avatar

    Yes, Holly, congrats to your husband. I see a wise man who appreciates the important things in life, that is, savouring the little things that makes life worthwile. I wish him all the best with his column.

    I also can’t wait for the week 4 lessons.

  6. PolarBear Avatar

    Congrats! Nicely done.

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