Define WELL?

Okay. I noted this morning that the type-in on HAWKSPAR was progressing well. Time to define “well.” Have been slogging the type-in all freakin’ day, and I’m now on page 169.

Of 940.

I forgot how heavily I’d rewritten the early chapters. Ugh.

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10 responses to “Define WELL?”

  1. Jason Penney Avatar

    I did some of that [TC] stuff, and thought I was cheating. 🙂

  2. Holly Avatar

    Lohengrin—no one else could do, or help with, my type-in. I edit even as I’m typing in. I also loathe composing in longhand, so when I’m doing write-in and I come to a whole scene that must be added to the book in order to answer some editorial question or other, I scrawl [TC—scene in which X happens to Y and Z] in the margin, and move on. Type-in is the point where, smoking along, replacing ings with -eds and other minor editorial issues, I suddenly slam full-face into those exciting [TC]s. (TC stands for “to come,” in case you haven’t yet indulged in that particular procrastinatory sin.)

    I know that I have three big [TC]s still ahead of me. There may be smaller [TC]s that I may have forgotten about.

    S William Shaw—A) I type in Dvorak, so carpal tunnel isn’t an issue. B) I don’t have to type the whole 940 pages. I work from the edits on the printed manuscript into a saved, renamed alterate of the pre-existing Word document, and only mess with the substitutions and edits. The majority of my text is unaltered.

    Shawna, Margaret, Katherine, and Nicole, thank you for the good wishes. I’m still plugging.

  3. Nicole Avatar

    I hear you on the change of definition of “well”. I’ve been progressing “well” on my Forward Motion dare, but have now realized that tomorrow’s “well” must surpass today’s if I’m to complete said dare.

    Best of luck. I’ll be working the weekend right alongside you.


  4. S William Shaw Avatar

    Did you say 940 pages? Sounds like sure fire carpal tunnel.

  5. klharrds Avatar

    Just think of those chapters towards the end with less work, something to look forward to at least.

  6. MarFisk Avatar

    Hugs Holly. I know that overly optimistic outlook all too well, but if it got you rolling on page one, then it was worth it. Good luck with the rest.


  7. shawna Avatar

    Mmmmmm… ouch. Good thing it’s a long weekend? We did all the errands and shopping today amid insanity, and are planning to hang out at home and avoid all the tourists this weekend. Family has an open invite to come use the pool and BBQ, but the most I am going to provide is pool maintenance and location… and I have about a dozen books on my “read soon” shelf, and a date with a blanket in the shade.

    Oh, yeah. And see if I can finish doing my class planning for my three hs’ers. Yikes.

  8. lohengrin Avatar

    Pity you don’t have someone to help you with type-in. I know when I write things longhand, sometimes I scan them and a friend types them up from the scans, out of the goodness of her heart. I am deeply, deeply grateful for this friend. ^^;

  9. Holly Avatar

    And quitting for the day on page 275. Looks like I’ll be working the weekend.

  10. Holly Avatar

    And now I’m to page 240.

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