Decided to give BOTH courses as scholarships

By Holly Lisle

Quick note:

I’ve decided I’ll give anyone who buys Jeff Walker’s product creation and launch course through my link scholarships for BOTH the How To Think Sideways novel-writing course, and the How To Revise Your Novel course.

If you buy through my link, you get Think Sideways AND Revise Your Novel.

The course goes live at 2 P.M. EST today.
(But you can still sign up now and get the “We’re live” notice directly from Jeff. It’ll still count.)

To get both courses:

  1. Purchase Jeff’s course through my link. You’ll get a sales receipt, I’ll have that sales receipt number, and that’s how you’ll validate your scholarships.
  2. You have to graduate Walker’s course—you can’t drop out and request a refund. If you do, you’ll lose both scholarships. (Though of course you’ll still be able to save and use any lessons you received before you quit.)
  3. If you already have either of my courses (or both of them), you can designate ONE person who can either take the one you aren’t going to use yourself, or designate that person to take BOTH of them.
  4. You cannot split your scholarships between TWO other people.

I explained more about why I’m offering scholarships, and more about Jeff’s course and why I recommend it in the Full-Ride Scholarships post.

Finally, here is my link if you’re interested:

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