December Affiliate Newsletter is up

You can find out who the monthly bonus winner is, and just a bit more (short letter this month).
My morning skyAnd this was my morning sky. Cold weather out, bright sun, and some very boxy clouds.

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2 responses to “December Affiliate Newsletter is up”

  1. shawna Avatar

    Oh, I love weird clouds. Makes me with I could paint them.

    Gabriele, I really wish I’d learned German from my grandmother when I had the chance… the older I get, the more fascinating the language sounds… I should say, perhaps not so much the language itself… but those compound words. (It’s been a German week— I was musing over schadenfreude a couple days ago.)

  2. Gabriele Avatar

    Cool pic.

    We call them Schäfchenwölkchen – little sheep cloudies. Yes, German is a crazy language, sometimes. 🙂

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