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Debugging Plot: Episode 3 of Alone in a Room with Invisible People — 1 Comment

  1. Debugging my Book 1 plot: 2 main characters- Hero needs to rescue father, is chasing kidnappers; Heroine needs to catch a murderer, is following the clues. 1 Villain, he’s the murderer, his henchmen are the kidnappers. Villain needs genetic cure to his fatal sickness who’s cure might be inside the kidnapped father. Villain second need is to help a Villainess overthrow the Tri State Area, murdering furthered that agenda. <— This is the "main plot", with entangled story arcs leading to one ending.

    The bug: Side characters with their own story arcs, trying to overcome their own conflicts that are important to the Big World Conflicts happening within the Tri State Area, but also important to what is happening with the 2 main characters. SO… How much is too much when dealing with strong side-arcs and other good-but-side-characters?

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