Deadline set for the first draft of Book 4

Ohio 4 process and deadlinesThis is more major writer neep, but any readers who are waiting for the books to come out might find this interesting, too.

I’m giving myself 3 days (including today) to outline and write PACTS (protagonist, antagonist, conflict, setting, twist) sentences and figure out how to work in REDACTED#1 and REDACTED#2. (The redacted stuff is two big plot elements that would be spoilers if I use either of the two words that define them.)

Both of these were supposed to be in Book 3, but a something bigger pushed them out. So Book Four has to start with them.



PLOTTING: (today,) Friday July 9 through Tuesday, July 13th


90,000 words
1250 words per day
72 working days
5 days a week

FIRST DRAFT STARTS Wednesday, July 14

Working Monday through Friday, and taking off both my own birthday and Matt’s, which fall inside the writing of Novel #4…

13 days in July

21 days in August

22 days in Sept

20 days in October


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