Dead Man’s Party – The Type-in Revision Begins

Starting with the stats — I built the new Scrivener document, set up all the line-for-scene cards from the Focus Outline I built last week following my write-in revision, and then I wrote 2414 all-original brand-new words following the very first Line-For-Scene sentence in the Focus Outline, the entire brand new first chapter from start to finish, and I love what I got.

It took me three hours and thirteen minutes.

Tomorrow’s process (and the ongoing process until this is finished) is:

Read the words done the previous day. Make corrections as necessary.

Write the current day’s words, including revising everything salvageable from the first draft, and expanding with original material as necessary (with the dry note that most of the first twelve chapters are going to be pretty much brand new).

My revision/rewrite/final draft objective is to re-read and clean-up the previous day’s full chapter, and then create one NEW chapter of new material/revised material per day until this is done, with a top goal of 36 working days of revision to the completion of the book.

If I can come in faster, that will be great — but this book in first draft is four different kinds of wrecked.

The focus outline converges with what I actually wrote toward the end, but the first portion of this, while it pulls a lot from the concepts I built in the first draft, doesn’t look like it’s going to use too much of the actual writing until I hit about the midpoint.

Real mess — but it’s going to be a GREAT demo novel for my streamlined How to Revise Your Novel process when it’s done.

A less-wrecked novel wouldn’t have anything like the examples I’ll be able to pull out of this one.

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  1. Vanessa Wells Avatar
    Vanessa Wells

    Looking forward to reading through that demo!

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