Dead Man’s Party — and Fiction as the Day Job again…

By Holly Lisle

Got 1515+ words this morning on Dead Man’s Party, in a smidge under an hour.

Also built my work process for getting a LOT more fiction done, and spending the first two to three hours of every weekday on that.

My daughter Becca is going to modify the process I came up with (after some heavy research over the past couple of weeks) to work in both shorter fiction and long fiction.

Me? Right now, I just wanna do a bunch of novels, the first stack of them in Settled Space.

Then I want to resuscitate some of my Hard Drive Zombies.

And then we’ll see.

But the objective is to make my fiction the BIG paying job again, with the classes as this fun thing I get to do alongside novels that are paying the bills.

I’m a lot happier when I’m writing two hours of fiction first every morning… and that’s the plan. (Mostly…)

Roughed out, the plan is actually:

Monday through Friday…

  • STEP ONE: Write two hours or 2000 words on the current novel
  • STEP TWO: Then build the plan for the next novel
  • STEP THREE: Then revise/ edit/ format/ publish/ market for one hour on the previous novel

Then do the nonfiction stuff.

That’ll put me up to three to four hours a day on total fiction, leaving two to four hours a day for non-fiction plus forums plus blogging.

In that order.

Consistent Novel Publishing. It’s what I’m heading toward.

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