Days off make me twitchy

By Holly Lisle

I took my day off, and got a lot of site stuff done, and now I’m hitting the book. As planned, today is Molly and Baanraak, and I’m enjoying their issues. God, do they both have issues. I’ll get my 2000, then hit the revisions that I haven’t been able to touch the past few days because of babysitting — no babysitting today.

I have a bit of time on the turnaround for The Wreck of Heaven, but I’d rather not have to push it.

And for some reason that I cannot fathom, Spenser is standing on my shoulder, yelling in my ear — sometimes he just curls on my shoulder and cuddles while I write, but at the moment he’s being a pain and I’m tempted to toss him across the room. I won’t — he’s a good cat — but today he apparently has issues, too.

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