Day-Off Discoveries

So … on my day off, first I discover that the character who dies in the first section knew the date and time of her death beforehand. This is critical in so many ways — it changes the meaning of almost everything that happens through the rest of the book, but hugely in the first three hundred pages. This little discovery was like manna from the heavens, man. It was beautiful; I crashed into it in the dark, and it turned on all the lights inside my head.

And then, fast on the heels of this first Eureka! moment, I realized that, even though the Eyes were constructed with a different magic than anything used in the novel TALYN, they share the same universe, and use the same physics. Which gave me the key into why they cause such pain, and introduced a new villain, and now I know that, along with all the other things she has to do, Hawkspar has to meet Talyn.

So for a day off — and one in which I had a howling headache to boot — I still got a lot of work done.

And I guess I shouldn’t bitch about the headache. It was the direct cause of both of my insights.

Today I’m starting at 72,290, and my goal is 75,290 or better. Followed by LGD revisions. And maybe taking another shot at a proposal for Claire. Actually, at the moment, I owe her two proposals. Not going to think about that now. Words first.

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