Dancing Through Danger

By Holly Lisle

In HAWKSPAR, the dancing is literal, in I SEE YOU, it’s figurative, but I’m at very hot spots in both books right now. Danger is all around, waiting only for the best moment to uncoil and strike, and in both cases, it’s going to erupt today with full fury and change everything. It’s funny that both books are in such parallel at the moment.

This tandem bookmaking feels much as I imagine composing a symphony would feel — writing two dissimilar melodic lines for utterly different instruments, having places where they echo each others themes or play variations of them, as well as places where each explores its own unique territory, and then having both instruments reach their own separate crescendos separately and logically, but simultaneously.

It also feels a little like the synchronicity of thinking about someone you haven’t heard from in more than a year, and hearing from him or her in the same day or just a day later. It suggests patterns in the underlying fabric of the universe. Fractals, those themes of the universe, that play out in larger and smaller degree with our every move and breath.

So. Anyway. I’ll get back to my own patterns and symphonies and themes and fractals, and leave you to piece together the universe in your own unique way for a bit.

Oh. And the writing? That’s kicking ASS.

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