Dancing the Proofreading Dance for HTTS

By Holly Lisle

Have just this instant finished the proofreading on the LAST of the 29 lessons of How To Think Sideways. In a second, I’m going to send off the proofing sheets to Booknook.biz, but right now, I’m dancing around the office.

Happy, happy, that’s me.

With the proofing done, I can move on to setting up pages (in my shop, and on Amazon and B&N) for the lessons.

After that, where the HTTS Direct is concerned, I’ll need to do the print versions.

After that, I’ll go through this same process with How To Revise Your Novel (with fewer lessons and fewer handouts, and a smaller, specialized audience, this will be a smaller production all around).

Happy, happy. Don’t want to list everything that comes after that. Just want to dance a bit, at passing an enormous milestone, and now seeing it through the rear-view mirror.

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