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Cthulhu LIVES (because someone put food in a pocket) — 28 Comments

  1. Ah, so now we know where the Mountains of Shadow stretch to, perhaps? The West has many … things to explore.

    GREAT sweater. A proper outer-wear sweater, at that, with pocketses. Now, to see if I can sweet-talk a local knitter or two into some experimentation. (I’m wondering if my friend Cathy could work a Klingon forehead “turtle” into a watchcap by similar means…

  2. Holy wow. You are a genius. I wish I was into Cthulu and you were my mom. As is, I’d rather have some steampunk octopus thing. Apropos of nothing, find and play Unspeakable Words card game. As a cthulu fan and writer, you will love it…or go insane. One of the two. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, wow. This is 1000% amazing. I adore ribbed anything for how well it stretches and this is exactly the kind of understated nerdy thing I love. Looks like I’m off to Google biometric knitting!

  4. What a glorious sweater – gorgeous model! Superb knitting, love the detail, the colour and how it fits – wow! Great read, better story – what fun!

  5. That is …. just so cool. I have to admit, I crocheted dresses for my eldest when she was small, and a cape, almost a full circle, for my grand daughter, but making it Cthulu eldritch had not occurred to me … hmm, plot bunny … with fangs and tentaclesfd … Hmmm

      • Hanging in there. No excitement like what you have been enduring. (That Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times” is more of a curse that I realized.) Your account of a hurricane was chilling and gripping. Of course, in Oklahoma, we have many tornadoes, but they’re over in hours. A tornado that lasted days? I would be moving to Antarctic, which also doesn’t have mosquitoes.

  6. Nice sweater – but your son had better watch out – he may start to eat weird things, or decide he’s the ruler of the world.

    • The tentacle on the left from pocket actually has a loop in it that separates from the main fabric, so that it can grasp things. Like a pen, or a penlight, or some other small object.

      One of those weird nerd-mom touches I could not resist adding.

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