Create A World Clinic

Chapter One

World #1: The Dot World

Build Your First Complete World In Five Minutes

I’m going to hold off on the introduction for a few minutes, in favor of trying something different.

I’m going to walk you through building your first world right now. So grab a pen and a piece of paper. A napkin will do just fine if it’s all that’s available, or lined paper from a notebook, or the back of a page of the stack of email printouts sitting on your desk. Or that memo from your boss…

Whatever. If it’ll hold ink and you’ll be able to read what you’ve written once you’re done, it’ll do.

You’re going to build a small world, but big enough to give you what you need for a story. And by the time we’re done with this first exercise, you’ll already have a start for your story, too.

Here’s how this works. All the ways through this course, I’ll take the course right along with you as I write it. When I build an exercise, I’ll actually do the exercise so you can see some of the possibilities—but this will work much better for you if you don’t see my answers first.

So to make sure you get work that is purely your own, you complete each exercise before you read what I wrote.

Only when you’ve finished the exercise, move on to the next page, and take a look at what I got.

Let’s build a world…

(continued in the class)

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