Create A Plot Clinic print workbook now on sale

Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic I’m pleased to announce that Holly Lisle’s Create A Plot Clinic is now available in ringbound workbook form. I have the first copy in my hands now, and it came out beautifully.

If you like this book, or any of the other clinics in print form, and have found one of the books useful in your work, please consider leaving a review on Lulu. I don’t know for sure that reviews in Lulu’s publishing model help sales, but I’m guessing they would, and I’d be grateful for the help.

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16 responses to “Create A Plot Clinic print workbook now on sale”

  1. laubaineworld Avatar

    The first edition print version available on Lulu and the second version ebook are the same version right?

    If not, will there be a version 2 of the plot clinic on Lulu?

  2. Holly Avatar

    Probably not. I won’t qualify for a merchant account.

    I might be able to get one of the other payment services, but I’ll have to research to see which of them offers what I need and won’t charge any monthly fees. PayPal is good because it only charges fees when you actually sell something. Most other services aren’t like that, and as small as the shop is, I can’t gamble on a monthly money drain.

  3. Irtanu Avatar

    Any chance of two separate means of paying? As in, traditional online store payments, where these cards would work, and Paypal service?

  4. Holly Avatar

    On gift cards, re-fillable credit cards, etc., here’s PayPal’s response:

    PayPal does not recommend adding a gift card, prepaid card, virtual card,
    or one time use credit cards to your PayPal account. Although some of these
    cards may be accepted, most will not function correctly with our system due
    to the security checks we have in place. PayPal is not an online store,
    where these type of cards were intended to be used, and in order to
    properly facilitate our service, the traditional credit card or debit card
    is preferred.

  5. laubaineworld Avatar

    When the screen to select a card comes up American Express is one of the choices. It’s even aware the code required is 4 digit not three.

    It just doesn’t recognize the Amex gift card for some weird reason.


  6. Holly Avatar

    I think I know the problem. I don’t think PayPal takes American Express.

  7. laubaineworld Avatar

    My Dad picked up a the same type but a different domination for me.

    You have to activate the card as per instructions included. then the card is ready for use.

    I got mine during the weekend Holly so kindly ran her sale.

    I tried all weekend to get it to work. I kept hoping there was some kind of glitch screwing things up.

    Finally I just gave up. that’s when I inquired about the potentiality of payment by check.

    Perhaps, if paypal does not yet take these type of cards they will rectify the situation quickly.


  8. Irtanu Avatar

    Yes, I was using an American Express $25 dollar gift card. I have a feeling the clerk at CVS made a mistake. I wasn’t asked for an ID, name, address, anything, yet in the instructions within the packaging, it says use the information provided when purchasing this card for online purchases. I wish I received the proper service. Oh well.

  9. Holly Avatar

    I’ve asked PayPal. They generally reply within a day or two–I’ll let you know what I find out as soon as I hear.

  10. laubaineworld Avatar

    Thanks Holly.

    When you check, could you please also check on the gift cards given by credit card companies?

    I’ve seen American Express as well as Visa gift cards. You can choose from 50 dollars to as much as 500, I believe.

    I’m guessing if they don’t take the refillables, they may take the gift cards because they are issued by the credit card issuers.

    Thanks again for trying to help.


  11. Holly Avatar

    I’m not sure what could be going wrong. I’ll see what I can find out about re-fillable credit cards.

  12. laubaineworld Avatar

    I tried this as well. Mine did not work either.

  13. Irtanu Avatar

    Hey there, Holly.

    I’m having trouble purchasing the writing clinics. I bought a re-fillable credit card (the ones at CVS Pharmacy, that you buy like a gift card) and it’s not accepting the card in your shop. Any help would be great, as I really want to buy more of these clinics. Thanks.

  14. laubaineworld Avatar

    Thanks for explaining Holly.

    No apologies necessary. It is an excellent system.

    In a perfect world your writing clinics would be available everywhere. And I would be at Barnes and Noble right now buying one of each.

    Perhaps eventually those of use who have yet to become online buyers will be afforded a solution.

    Until then . . . , thank you for sharing your knowledge. Many have said self publishing is not viable. You have proven it can work successfully.

    thanks again and have a great evening.


  15. Holly Avatar

    The type size in the print version is 11 pts rather than 14 pts–the ebook version is 14-pt type so that it can be read easily from a computer monitor at full-page size.

    I won’t be adding a pay-by-check option to the e-book store (this is not even an option with Lulu, which does the print version). The reason is that I don’t have the time (or car, at the moment) to drive checks to the bank (40-mile round trip), and keeping track for the week or more that it would take for each to clear before entering the data into the store software would create too many opportunities for orders to be lost or for things to go wrong. As long as I keep the entire process online, the software makes it easy for me to correct orders, replace e-books, and do the other necessary tasks of running the store without cutting into my writing time significantly.

    You’re not the only person for whom this has been a problem, and I do apologize profusely. All I can say is that if it were not for online publishing and online marketing, these books would not exist at all.

  16. laubaineworld Avatar

    Congrats on the debut of the print version Holly.
    i noticed the page difference between the e-book format and the printed version. from 208 to 166. I’m assuming it’s got to do with the shift in format?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m probably one of the last person on the planet who hasn’t purchased an e-book or anything else online.

    Do you think you might consider adding a payment by check section eventually to allow the last few remaining people like me to purchase your products?



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