Create A Culture Clinic now in print

Holly Lisle’s Create a Language ClinicHere’s the link to the print version of the Create A Language Clinic.

And one to the print storefront, in case you want to browse.

The print version is a ringbound workbook, the same as the character and language clinics. Very happy to finally have it finished, and I hope those of you who prefer print books to e-books find it useful.

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3 responses to “Create A Culture Clinic now in print”

  1. Alex Avatar

    I would love to buy the whole Clinic series in print, but cannot find them. The link above does not work anymore. Are they available in print? I find physical books preferable when I’m using them in any sort of instructive way. And for the record I think the ringbind format is a brilliant idea.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      I have folks working with me now to get them back in print in physical format. It’ll be several months, but we’re making progress.

  2. katiehasen Avatar

    Sweet. I’m very happy to see that these aren’t just in e-book form.

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