Create A Culture Clinic is live and available now

Holly Lisle's Create A Culture ClinicRight now the book is available—the description is short and the free preview isn’t loaded. I’ll do all the catalog work on Monday. But I know people are waiting for the book, and if you’re one of those people, you can get your copy now.

Thank you for all the encouragement and enthusiasm. Let me know what you think.

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16 responses to “Create A Culture Clinic is live and available now”

  1. eitje Avatar

    I’m going to read these things, but I got to wondering on my drive to work today…

    have you ever noticed how there’s all of these creative people out there that can come up with amazing universes filled with exciting adventure, but are never able to follow it through because they’ve moved on to the next big thing? and then, there are the people that can really run with an idea once they think of it, but have a hard time getting over that first hump?

    well, hooking those people up would be awesome. i’ll need to read the culture & character clinics, but I’m thinking a simple online repository for people to input & search cultures or characters (“i want to write a book about intelligent kittens, but i don’t know how to get it rolling…”) wouldn’t be half bad.

    maybe have voting available for folks, and veto for Your Mightiness. I don’t know if it’s something you’ve considered, but I wanted to throw it out there. If there’s not a product that could do that already, I bet I could build it. That’s my job, yknow… 😛

  2. Carol Avatar


    My mum always said “ A watched pot never boils.” So, I’ve only been dropping by, every now and again to check on the progress of Create a Culture Clinic.

    Today before reading the entire announcement that the clinic was available… Purchased, downloaded….reading at the same time doing the same happy dance as TinaK.

  3. Angelique Avatar

    Shawna, the way I look at it is…there’s always next year 🙂

  4. shawna Avatar

    Oh, no, I wouldn’t want you to spoil it, either. I was teasing. I just wanted you to know how… umm… effective it is. 🙂

    (Besides… it’d need BEVERAGE ALERT stamped all over it…

    My Nano came to a rather abrupt pause, too. It’s not that I don’t think I can do this, though… it’s that I want to stop and go back and play with the story’s world… and if I do that, my chances of actually finishing this month might go from slim to none. Then again, if I do, it might be easier to write those words. Damned if I do, damned if I dont…

  5. Holly Avatar

    Answers to questions:

    • TinaK–How well do the e-books sell?
      Two examples: The Language Clinic debuted on June 14th of this year. It has since sold 184 copies to date, with the largest sales month being June, when it debuted. Excluding June, I’m averaging 18.6 copies a month. By comparison, Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood sold 22 copies its first month, and has sold between 0 and 2 copies a month every month since. Which is why I’ve stopped pursuing e-book fiction.
      What this means overall is that the shop is doing well enough for me to pad out the budget on tight months (which is what I was aiming for, actually), but nowhere near enough to live on if pro book sales go cold.
    • Wolverine–What’s the delivery time to Australia?
      It’s an e-book, and therefore, will reach you immediately if you don’t have a problem downloading it, and as soon as I can e-mail it to you if you do have a problem and let me know. (Within 24 hours on weekdays, on Monday if ordered on the weekend.)
      When I get the print version onto Lulu, that will be dependent on Lulu delivery schedules. They’ve been very fast in the US (comparable to ordering from Amazon), but I have no idea how they are for overseas? Anyone else know?
    • BirthdayPirate–You’re such a poopy-headed story-ruiner.
      I abjectly apologize. Create A Plot Clinic is next in line after Create A World Clinic. Of course, Hawkspar rewrites and The Ruby Key are before both of those, and I think C: The Secret Projectwill come before Plot, so we aren’t talking quick here.
    • Shawna: BEVERAGE ALERT!
      Actually, though, I prefer a deadpan delivery. Tipping off the smartass comments decreases the Snarf Factor considerably.

    Huge thanks to everyone who is currently trying the clinic out, or waiting to try it out. I hope it will make working your way through culture development easier and more fun, and will give you some keys to your characters and their lives that you didn’t have before.

  6. onesikmonkee Avatar

    Oops, in my excitement, I left a sentence dangling, didn’t I? *tee hee* Bad monkee!

    In the sentence that reads: “It’s astounding how finding the key for an old rusty lock can do…”, I meant to finish that with, “…wonders to jump-starting a fading project.”

    I’m just a big silly!

  7. onesikmonkee Avatar

    This is amazing stuff! Thanks for the time in putting this information together, Holly. My novel has taken one giant leap forward using the “Create A Culture Clinic.” It’s astounding how finding the key for an old rusty lock can do…and the sad thing is, I had no idea how or why the lock (on my writing) had gotten that way until I read through this.

    I wish you well, and look forward to delving deeper into your writing.

    Regards, Christian

  8. shawna Avatar

    “… something utterly cool that they could invent, create, or explode…”

    I think I just died over here. Umm, you forgot the beverage alert, lol.

  9. BirthdayPirate Avatar

    You’re being mean, Holly. Not only have you halted my NaNo-ing for the day, but now I feel like I cannot possibly craft a plot that will live up to the worlds and characters I’m creating. You’re such a poopy-headed story-ruiner. ;_;

  10. Angelique Avatar

    Downloading now!! Can’t wait! Thanks for making this available so quickly, I don’t know how much more foaming at the mouth I could have endured 🙂

  11. klharrds Avatar

    Holly what have you done to me! Don’t you know its november!

    I’m having enough trouble with my Nano procrastination as it is. I don’t think I’ll be able to resist the temptation to start playing with this now I have it in my grasp.

    Help me …

  12. Chassit Avatar

    That’s great, Holly! I’m glad to hear you got this finished. It seems these e-books are doing great for you! I’ll get your book, but first I have to earn money, because people got rid of the barter system and that makes getting anything for me nearly impossible.

    Congratulations Holly!

  13. wolverine Avatar

    I’d love to get this, especially as Christmas is coming up — people have been asking me what presents I want. I’m just wondering… what’s the delivery time like for overseas? For Australia? I only ask because the last time I ordered a few books (not from your shop, Holly, but in general) they took 2-3 months each to get here.

    Hoping to be able to get a few of your books soon!


  14. shawna Avatar

    lol… what, nobody yelling first?

    I just now came back to comment… went off to purchase, added a link to my blog, started printing, started dinner… priorities, you know.

  15. PolarBear Avatar

    Got it! Heather’s first paragraph applied to me — until I read your teaser. I would have purchased the book anyway, but that made me see why I needed it.

  16. TinaK Avatar

    *happy dance*

    Purchased, downloaded….reading now.

    Are these e books doing well for you Holly? Could I ask, just because I’m curious, how many copies have been downloaded of say…Create a Language?

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