Create A Character Clinic (One More Time)

The temporary store is working well now. Create A Character Clinic is officially available at the presale.

For those of you who were interested in joining the affiliate program, that’s open now, too. And though the banner and text link offerings are sparse, they are available.

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6 responses to “Create A Character Clinic (One More Time)”

  1. Holly Avatar

    You may use the banners on any website you have. The URL you give when you sign up allows you to promote your own site–it doesn’t in any way restrict you from using the banners, text ads, etc, on other sites.

  2. Miss Nienke Avatar

    Can I sign up with one URL but use the banners on more than one? (I have two blogs)

  3. Holly Avatar

    On the Affiliate Program, you can put in as the URL if you don’t have a website.

    For Potential Affiliates

    If you live in the US, I’ll need your tax and mailing information to be accurate. I’ll mail your tax information annually. If you don’t live in the US, you can just write N/A in the VAT box and anydamnthing you like in the address boxes.

    I will not need ANYone’s phone number — put a fake one in.

    For EVERYONE: Your PayPay address must be correct. That’s how you’ll get paid.

    Your contact email address has to be correct, too. I’ll send out a monthly letter that will let you know what new products we have, and will keep you up with other changes in the program.

  4. Holly Avatar

    Argh. Let me see what’s going wrong with the affiliate program. The website url is supposed to be optional.

  5. Mary Avatar

    Holly – I thought I read that I could use the affiliate program with my emails. But when I tried to sign up, it kept asking me for a website URL – which I don’t have up & running yet…

  6. Mary Avatar

    Worked perfectly, Holly!

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