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  1. James Ruffean Latham Avatar
    James Ruffean Latham

    Holly, I was a student on the old website.
    How do I transition to the new website.
    James R. Latham

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, James. We’re starting the process of the site upgrade right now. We think we’ll have it done in a few hours BUT there may be issues other than the one we already know about.

      So first thing is to make sure you’re on the list to be invited back once we have the site live and all parts working:

      If you were in the database for ANY class, including the very first two, which were on separate websites ( and you’re STILL in the database, and so are your classes. (The only folks who aren’t are the ones who asked to be removed.)

      If you remember the email address you used, you’ll be able to access your existing account on the new site. Instructions on how to do that will go out in the newsletter. (Which you sign up for using the link above.)

      We are moving with two broken classes (one known bug, though), and we have to get those fixed before anyone gets their invitation. These should not take long to fix, but until they’re fixed, they will cause error messages for some students, which would cause a rush to the help desk.

      We’re only dealing with members who have broken subscriptions for their existing classes today and for the next day or two.

  2. Laura Wilson-Anderson Avatar
    Laura Wilson-Anderson

    Hi Holly —
    I went through your classes back in 2016, and I loved it, so much that I got up the nerve to let my parents read the story I had in the anthology. Their horrified look on their faces made stop writing, to the point I that have a hard time writing at all.
    I know that’s ridiculous, and part of it is that I have a seizure disorder, which wasn’t so bad until the last couple of years, and I’m lucky to be living with my parents (as long as we don’t talk about writing).

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar

      Yeah. Got one like that for you.

      I’d sold my first novel, Fire in the Mist, and gave an autographed copy to my parents. My mother started reading it. I dropped by later… same day maybe, but probably next day, and the expression on her face was one of horror… and some cross between disgust and dismay. She said, “It’s about witches, Holly!”

      And while it was high fantasy with really big fun with biology, and while it wasn’t about witches, it did kind of include them.

      Some years later, when Matt and I were living off his job and my fiction, when I had a bunch of books published… she tried to get me a job cleaning horse stables so I could give up writing fiction. “Because you like horses, Holly.”


      You can love your parents. You can want them to be proud of you.

      But understand they’re NOT YOUR READERS. They’re not your audience. They’re not anyone who should ever be let anywhere near any of your books.

      Let them be proud of the number of stories you’ve written, the number of books you’ve published, the really nice life you’ve built for yourself with your success in writing fiction.

      But keep the fiction to yourself.

      1. James, F.E. Avatar

        Supposedly, even up to several years ago, Bruce Springsteen’s father told him he should give up that crazy rock and roll stuff and get a real job.

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