Couple Things

By Holly Lisle

I did manage to import all the posts from all my previous weblogs. I have since been patiently going through them and categorizing them. I’m almost to the end of the 2003 weblog, where I took about a year off from blogging and focused on just writing.

I’ve discovered a number of interesting trends so far. I love my first weblog. It was both personal and on-target; it was all about writing and life as a writer, and going back through those entries done on Blogger software — from the oldest entry through about the middle of July in 2002 — was a lot of fun.

When I moved over to the Greymatter weblog, comments were suddenly incorporated into the weblog, and they worked all the time. I became more aware of writing to an audience; at the same time, I found a lot of things outside of writing to write about. Some of that next batch of entries, which start in the middle of July 2002 and run through the last entry in 2003, I love — they were some of the best journal-writing I’ve done. (You’ll find them in Favorite Posts, if you’re interested) Some I hate. I read them now and wonder what the hell I was thinking then. I hate politics, and yet in that period I embraced politics, and anger. I was angry a lot of the time in 2003.

I haven’t categorized the Geeklog weblog entries yet. I’m working on it, but there were some bugs importing them (all extended entries include only the opener, no comments were imported, etc.). Not sure what I’ll find there, not sure how the entries will change as I started opening up comments in the latter portion of that weblog’s existence.

But it comes down to this. I don’t like me much when I’m publicly political. I think I’m right in the stands I took. But I don’t think this was, or is, or will be, the place to take them. So I’ve put the categorized political rants under password, (and the ones I haven’t gotten to yet will go under password) while I decide whether I should just delete them, or open them back up again as a “this is who I was back then” bit of personal history.

Along with writing and the writing life, I will continue to comment on science issues, social issues and other things not exclusively political.

Beyond that, I’m back to debating comments. Should I permit them, if I permit them, when should I permit them? Or should I go back to silent journaling?

I’m evaluating, in other words, the place of the weblog in my life. Yet again.

Gimme a break, I’m a Libra. We do this.

Comments are enabled for this entry. If you have an opinion on any of this, now is the time to express it.

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