Counting in Tonk

By Holly Lisle

I cannot imagine why you would want to know this. I needed to know it, though, and have just had to go through it again. So thought I’d share. Here is counting in Tonk.

0 – ip
1 – dai
2 – rai
3 – vai
4 – roi
5 – shet
6 – fyn
7 – kyn
8 – nosa
9 – kel
10 – ta
11 – ta-dai
12 – ta-rai
13 – ta-vai
… and so on.

20 is ro, 30 is vo, 40 is ran, 50 is shan, 60 is fynan, 70 is kynan, 80 is nosan, 90 is kelan. Hundreds are cet, so that 100 is tacet, 200 rocet, etc.. Thousands are haal in the same manner that hundreds are cet, ten thousands are tahaal, hundred thousands are cethaal. If you have to count beyond the hundred thousands, you’re probably not Tonk.

As a final couple of examples, 335 would be vocet-vo-shet, and 4289 would be roihaal-rocet-nosan-kel.

More than you ever wanted to know, I know. But too nerdy for me not to pass on. I love stuff like this. I was one of the people who memorized Tolkien’s glossaries.

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