Cops in Lust

Had a lot of fun with my scene for I SEE YOU this morning. Folks dealing with deadly threats, combat in the midst of nightmares, and an attraction that neither hero nor heroine wants to admit. And a villain walks in, dressed in skeletal guise. I’m pleased with what I got. Hit my word limit, and it wasn’t painful.

Now, on to HAWKSPAR, where the fiddling and feasting are about to come to an unhappy end, as Death walks across the water in search of a pair of eyes.

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5 responses to “Cops in Lust”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Ammit — didn’t promise that. There may still be places where you want to read with your eyes closed. (My agent had that reaction to MIDNIGHT RAIN). But it won’t be for gore. I get my kicks out of tension.

  2. ammit Avatar

    Right on. Now I won’t have to get the boyfriend to put post-its over paragraphs and write “bad things happen here” on ’em. *grin*

  3. Holly Avatar

    There is NO graphic disoculation. Implied … yes. But never shown.

  4. Linda Avatar

    Oh, man. That brief description of Hawkspar sends chills up my spine. I’m so looking forward to this book. 🙂

  5. ammit Avatar

    Sooo… is there a lot of graphic disoculation in this book? Some of us with phobias wouldn’t mind a warning. 😉

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