Cool Tech

By Holly Lisle

A couple of times on your site, you’ve mentioned the usefulness of things like the BlackBerry. Being able to write your ideas down wherever you are, whenever you get them. I stumbled upon this little gizmo on some forum, can’t recall which, but it seems to do a hell of a lot better than the BlackBerry–it’s an actual laptop, so far as I can gather. It’s not a “media-rich” system, but it does the two most important things writers need: Internet and OpenOffice. It’ll cost around two hundred dollars, and that’s one helluva deal given AlphaSmart’s low-end word processor costs fifty dollars more and comes with not even half as much functionality. Admittedly, a three-hour on-the-go charge is no fun, but it’s a fair exchange given how much stuff you get to run with it.

The article mentions that it may hit mid-August. Cool tech anyhow.

Thanks to Paul A, who sent this to me.

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