Continuing With 5100 WPD

Still on the hard push to finish both I See You and Create A Character Clinic this month.

Today’s ISY goal: from 60,853 words to 63,953.
Today’s CCC goal: from 6331 to 8331.

Comments on posts will be off until the end of the month. This is a focus issue for me; I got sidetracked last week and it cost me a lot of words per day. I can’t afford another slip (hitting versus missing the ISY deadline is the difference between having the book come out next July as the lead title with a big promotional budget (and thus some hope of recognition) and having it come out later with a midlist print run and no budget. To aid in hitting this deadline with a solid book, I’m also not reading weblogs, or news, and my e-mail is a last-minute-before-I-shut-down thing.

I’m in blinders mode until I wrap this up. Me, the keyboard, the story.

The push on CCC is also important to me.

I’ll be reporting on book progress, but for the rest of the month, won’t have much to say about anything else.

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