Continuing Down the Dark Path

Talyn continues down her dark and dangerous path, and I am having to fight to get myself to write what is happening. Aggh. Worked for hours on the first thousand-plus words, and now I’m settling back in for a go at the second near-thousand. I’ve never written anything like this before (this is definitely a case of pushing my boundaries), and it’s HARD.

Maybe I’ll post a section later. If I can find one that’s fit for PG-13 consumption.

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One response to “Continuing Down the Dark Path”

  1. Jim W Avatar
    Jim W

    Holly, I remember reading (after the fact) your commentary on the last time something hit you this hard. (The "murder" scene in Vengence of Dragons.) If this is harder than that….

    At the same time, I also remember when the story of Sympathy for the Devil, in which something (your angst?) drove the novel to heights undreamed of.

    I know it is difficult, but I’m confident that if you can ride that wave to where it leads, and keep your balance, you’ll present us with your best novel yet.


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