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  1. Hi Holly,

    I was a bit late clicking the sign-up link for these (i.e. just now…I did get the email at the time but I let other things get in the way) and while I’m getting a countdown to Tuesday’s webinar #3, I don’t have anything about a replay for #2.

    Do I just have to accept that I’ve missed it?


    • We’ve had to do some significant overhauling. The intern program is dead.

      Instead, a cadre of my ReadersMeetWriters.com members are beta-testing the lessons, processes and software we’re going to be using in RMW to make sure folks who want to hire book editors, cover artists, etc. through the site will know the folks they hire have done real, marketable work that has faced split-testing, peer review, and other quality checks.

      This has turned into one of the beta test opportunities I promised RMW members.

      There will be more.

      • Hi Holly,

        Your latest email with the info links has solved my original problem, thanks!

        However, I’m not sure you meant to post the previous comment here, so I’m worried it hasn’t made it to the page it’s meant to be on…


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