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Considering Knitting Process and Story Yarns — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for this post. It makes me feel more normal. I crochet, take it apart, crochet some more, take it apart. I do that with writing too. In fact, I tend to do things in fits and spurts. I am not a “sit at your desk every day at 9” type, other than my day job. I arrive on time, that’s about it.

    At a previous job, a co-worker wrote down the times he saw me get up and walk around. Turns out, I got up and walked around every 45 minutes, almost to the minute. I don’t know if I am still so regular about moving around, but thought it was interesting.

  2. Interestingly,I started knitting to stop playing Candy Crush Saga. My knitting was terrible so I progressed to crochet. Creating from yarn inspired me to recommence playing my cello which led me to wanting to write, for a living. Which is quite something.

  3. I don’t really knit (I’ll dabble in a bit of crochet now and again), but I love how your process for knitting mirrors your writing process. And those sweaters you’re working on are works of art!

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