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Completed revision of The Owner’s Tale today – Next big step to getting back to Moon & Sun — 13 Comments

  1. Hi, Holly, it’s me again!

    Just remembered another thing in The Ruby Key that confused me as well, and thought that I might as well ask you for clarification.

    …”Why does Letrin think you’re a boy?”

    “Because I could have been. Should have been. We both have nightling fathers and human mothers. Letrin inherited the long life of nightlings from his father, and he assumed that I did as well. I, alas, inherited my life span from my human mother. I have lived over a hundred years, and now I am near death.” — The Ruby Key, pg 246

    This contradicted my understanding on the relationship between Letrin and Doyati. I thought that Letrin was a full-fledged nightling while Doyati a halfblood, and as I stated in my earlier comment, that Letrin was Doyati’s uncle. The only two halfbloods introduced in the series were Doyati and Letrin’s son Oerin, was it not? Please correct me if I misunderstood anything.

    Thank you for reading again!

  2. Very, very sorry, Holly! I was wondering why I couldn’t see my own comment and thus kept reposting it. And THEN I thought about reading how the blog works and discovered that it was sent to you first and you would decide if my comment can be posted 😂😂

    Which means that I’ve been spamming you this whole time unknowingly. Really sorry.

    Please forgive me for my silly mistakes!

  3. Hello to Holly!

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for the book 3 to come out for so long! I’ve just reread The Ruby Key and The Silver Chair and noticed a few things I’d like to point out since you plan to republish the whole series.

    In page 265 of The Ruby Key, Doyati said that his cousin was determined to kill him. But from my understanding, wasn’t Letrin supposed to be his uncle? This, however minor and insignificant, really confused me.

    In The Silver Chair, the term Satimaja first appeared on page 188 and appeared several times afterwards throughout the whole book. However, there was no explanation on its meaning except that it can be deduced that it was for someone of high importance. Another thing that got me thinking is will Genna tell her brother that the reason why Catri kissed Jagan was partly due to some sort of spell? Undeniable, nothing would have happened if Catri had not desired so, but still, spells did come in effect. I felt like it would be more like Genna if she did.

    Wish you a continuous success as a writer and in publishing The Emerald Sun and many other stories! Really really hope that even if it turned into another series the main characters will still stay the same! Love for Genna, Dan, the cat. Doyati and many other characters!

    Thank you for reading my long blabber 🙂

    • 😀 The reason I have to read through the first books before writing the third is to find all the things like that, remember what they meant, and then tie them all up in the ending.

      I’ll be starting the the read-through of the books (and doing the notes and some preliminary plotting) around the end of December.

  4. Hi Teach!

    This all looks so exciting. Looking forward to reading yours books, after HTWAN. I think I’ll start with the Longview series first. 🙂

  5. Woo hoo! Excited as all heck to get the Owner’s Tale and discover the whys and wherefores of what’s been happening in Settled Space. Also super excited about Emerald Sun. I read the first two a couple of years ago and loved them.

  6. I’ve found sometimes stories spill out with such clarity that they hardly need any revision. Sounds like this is one of those times.

  7. I read the first Moon & Sun book to my daughter when it first came out. She’ll be ecstatic to learn that there’s MORE. 😀

    • Me, too. I’ve missed that world so much, and knowing that in just a couple months I’ll be back in it is wonderful and amazing for me.

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