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16 years ago

Oh, goodness! LOL. It would be Powell’s, wouldn’t it?

My kids are always wanting to collect cards, and we just don’t do that. Lack of money deters collecting expensive pieces of paper.

We like that Munchkin card game, though.

I’ve actually been mulling over the idea lately of making something along the lines of “homeschooling cards”. Earning and receiving homemade cards for things like finishing chapters in a book, or X-many lessons, or a big project, or whatever. Books fit, because I was thinking I could do one for each book cover…

It’s still in the pre-pre-planning stages though… not sure how it would work. Been trying to figure out the logistics of it… as in, what would they do with them? Could we make them so they’d work for a game or games, not just to sit in a stack? What kind of game, and how would it play out, and etc… and I’d absolutely have to make templates so it wasn’t time consuming to make new ones.

I’m thinking homeschooling cards is even weirder then author cards…

S William Shaw
16 years ago

If the cards were like sports cards, we would each have 28 Stephen King cards, and would all be desperate for an Ernest Hemingway.

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