Closing in on the ending, with pending adventure that will slide into Ohio 3

This time through, I’m happy with the novel, with the twists and turns, with the basic premise of the thing, and with how THIS story will roll into Ohio 3.

I figure it’ll take me another week or so to get to the ending, and I do have an ending I’m shooting for (with the caveat that my game of Beat the Ending is still running, and if I come up with something even better that won’t break the world or the characters, I reserve the right to take that.

Big thing, though… this time, I’m HAPPY.

So… Now I’m off to start on weekend things.

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2 responses to “Closing in on the ending, with pending adventure that will slide into Ohio 3”

  1. Dean Avatar

    I understand the need to perhaps go through several drafts before a person is satisfied with their final product, and I understand that it is a necessity to do so, but I find it frustrating and tedious to have to continually rewrite the same material. Maybe that’s what makes you such a prolific writer, while my stuff gathers dust in a corner. Just thought I’d give a chuckle for the day. Happy writing !

    1. Holly Avatar

      These books are the exception to my usual experience with writing, which is to do a skeletal 30-word-per-Sentence line-for-scene outline, write the scenes pretty much as outlined, and then do one revision… and be done.

      This time, for reasons I cannot explain (other than that I must have temporarily — for four whole novels — lost my F***ing MIND), I decided it would be fun to pants the last four novels.

      And I did.

      And it was. Fun, that is.

      But the results are almost wholly unusable. So now I’m back to an outline built of 30-word line-for-scene Sentences (Protagonist Versus Antagonist, in Setting, with Twist). They are good, compelling outlines, and I am writing nice, conflicty scenes with them, and the books I’m getting this time are full of the stuff that surprises me when I’m writing along, and catches my breath… but that still fits within the story I want to tell.

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