Clinic Cruised

Got 2500+ words today on the Culture Clinic. However, it does seem to be …. er …. running long. And I’m being as compact as I can, dammit.

Well, I’m really pleased with what I got, anyway, and I’m well set up for work tomorrow. Now that I have the approach down, it’s all coming together.

Of course, the poor soul who ignores the warnings and does everything in the book is going to end up with enough material for a doctoral thesis.

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8 responses to “Clinic Cruised”

  1. BJSteeves Avatar

    I don’t know how you do it all, but I’m thankful for all I have learned from you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Jean—it would at least be useful for organizing one, if you wanted to be the next Margaret Mead.

  3. Holly Avatar

    My editor is still working on Hawkspar, marking cuts and commenting on necessary changes. I don’t know when the release date on the book will be—we’re going to have to get it finished first, and after she’s done with it, I still have to take a whack at it again.

    As for Culture Clinic—I’d hoped to make it available sometime next month. That still seems possible.

  4. firelight Avatar

    So when can we expect the book to be out? What about Hawkspar? No pressure or anything…just wondering. 🙂

  5. PolarBear Avatar

    So, it could be useful for someone writing a doctoral thesis? …Hmmmm.

  6. Holly Avatar

    I’m not actually tied to the word count, but I have other books that I have to do this year (the re-revise of Hawkspar at bare minimum; if I’m really lucky, dipping my toes into The Ruby Key).

    Because it’s an on-spec project, I can’t let the Culture Clinic grow too insanely or linger too long on my work schedule. I have to keep it in bounds—though 30,000 might not be enough elbow room, even with me being concise and focused.

    Most of what I’m doing is translating the way I work into book form (which is what I did with both the Character and Language Clinics). My organizational system is helping a lot.

  7. shay Avatar

    i’m looking forward to reading CCC as it seems to be what i’m lacking in my fantasy and it’s what i want to develop the most.
    I’ll be ordering the language clinic at some point this month though as well as I see you so big smiles here in england 😀

  8. shawna Avatar

    Mmmm… that won’t be me. Though it might be interesting to do once. How tied are you to that word count? That list was huge… I’d rather see it be longer or split again then skip some sections, if it comes down to that, but that’s just me.

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