Climate change, sure. Global warming, nuh-uh.

The TimesOnline UK on global warming.

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9 responses to “Climate change, sure. Global warming, nuh-uh.”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Anders—Your nose is good. SaveTheEarth is a pal of mine. One whose blog is now going to be graffitied with hysterical “2012 End Times” nonsense. If I can find where he hid the sucker, that is.

  2. anders Avatar

    SaveTheEarth: I smell a parody.

    Regardless of global warming, do we really want to pump pollutants into the air and water?

  3. Bettye Avatar

    Actually things are better now than they were in the sixties. Our air and water are cleaner and some species that were nearly gone are making a comeback.
    Incidently, I’m really up on this particular subject because my husband helps create the insturments that measure such things. The readings he was getting in 1967 were much worse than they are today.

  4. Katherine Avatar

    For the time being at least, this is the only planet we have. Conducting an uncontrolled climate change experiment on it doesn’t seem like a brilliant idea to me. Other animals are smart enough not to soil their dens, why can’t we figure it out?

    Besides which, the leading sources of carbon dioxide dump all kinds of other pollutants into the air AND are sold by regimes that are not exactly models of tolerance and democracy. Reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and you address plenty of other problems beyond global warming.

  5. SavetheEarth Avatar

    This is a very irresponsible stance. We do have the power to change the future, so that our children and our children’s children and our children’s children’s children might enjoy the same clean air, clean water, and cuddly forest creatures that we did as recently as the late 1960’s.

    With such a wide-reaching pulpit, yours could become an important voice in the New Eco-Order. All it would take is for you to abandon your campaign of misinformation, to cast aside your materialistic disregard for the soul of our Mother Planet, and take up arms in the Crusade against those who deny the Truth of Global Warming.

    Stop killing your Earth Mother, and stop denying the Truth!

  6. Holly Avatar

    From a lot of things I’ve been reading, I think we probably are dealing with long-term climate changes (from a human, not planetary perspective) . But the explanation that fits the symptoms—changes in the Earth’s magenetosphere with consequent holes in the ozone layer, changes in the oceans’ deep currents, weirdly erratic weather (NOT steady warming)—all fit with a core magnetic shift, which, from the better sources I’ve been able to find, looks like it takes about a hundred years. And there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. Nor should we try—it’s the planet’s automatic watch-winding mechanism.

  7. Bettye Avatar

    I’ve decided we may have a teensy, tiny bit of influnce, but the planet Earth is gonna do its own thing and we are just fleas along for the ride.

  8. Chassit Avatar

    Thank goodness. With all the doomsayers, I was afraid the ice caps would melt tomorrow and I’d have to take a canoe to school.

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