Clean-Up Time

By Holly Lisle

I’ve finished backing up and mirroring my hard drive to my backup drive. Everything is there, everything works.

Now I’m getting ready to reformat my Mac hard drive for the first time ever, and reinstall the basic system software. Over the last couple of years, I’ve added far too much software, and some of it has caused problems that reach deeper into the system than these programs had any business doing. I’m starting over with a clean slate in order to speed up my system and optimize.

In a year or so, when the early adopters have debugged the new iMacs for me, I’ll probably get one. But, having been the early adopter on far too many systems and OSes, I’ve learned that this time I’ll wait long enough before I adopt for the new chip and the new OS and the new emulator to allow them to crash someone else’s work and screw up someone else’s deadline, rather than mine.

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