Clarification, Apology, Update — In That Order

CLARIFICATION: Based on worried e-mails from a couple of friends regarding this article, I clearly need to clarify my concerns about my online writing-about-writing.

I never doubted the value of all that online writing. I know exactly how it benefitted everyone, including me. I never doubted the value of paying forward. It was something that I had to do.

But I had never considered the price I paid for that value — had never even considered that there might have been a price. Assessing that 100,000 words of onsite articles, considering the many revisions of most of the pieces, and then adding in the writing classes I taught, plus five or six years of creating the FM Writers’ Community and then being an active participant in it, plus answering hundreds of e-mails on writing, I was forced to realize that there had been a price. And forced to wonder how high it might have been.

APOLOGY: For those of you who have been trying in vain to get answers of the site search engine — Eep, and sorry about that. I realized when I started getting “no results” messages for things that I knew damned well were on the site that my search engine had managed to dump its data. I’ve recrawled the site, and Search is working again.

UPDATE: I have three more days of hand-editing before I’m back at the keyboard every morning. This edit has been no fucking fun at all — I don’t know why. I am back to liking the book again, though, so maybe these last three days will be less miserable.

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