Checking in with tidbits

Already got a lot done this morning — I’m just getting to the part where the hero tells the heroine that his problem includes the missing front half of the neighbor’s Rottweiler and a thing with wings. The scene is funny, btw — in a sort of Sympathy for the Devil/Minerva Wakes “frying-pan-into-the-fire” way. All four books will be like that — a serious underlying story but told in a lighthearted manner. I’m having such fun with this — I’ve been dying to write something funny and upbeat again.

Plan for the day — 2000 words plus anything I can get. Tomorrow, off — it’s been a long week, and while the second half has been great, the first half was what Bill Murray in Groundhog Day called “the end of a very long day.”

Sunday — back at 6 A.M to hit it hard.

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