Checking In Again

Jean’s almost finished with her book — she’s on the last scene. I’m damned close to rolling over 6000 words for the day.

And she’s had an adventure, which I’ll pass on. With about five thousand words done, her laptop locked up on her. She could see the screen, but couldn’t get in. She’d lose anything she hadn’t already saved.

She typed what she could see on her other computer, then did what she had to do to get back into the laptop. And found she’d only lost 86 words, all of which had been on the screen that she could see and retype.

She passes along the injunction to SAVE OFTEN. Always good advice.

In my neck of the woods, my hero and heroine are exploring something other than the ocean outside their hull. Things are About To Get Tricky.

And I’m at 71,239.

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