Cheap and Free Video Resources Now Up

If you’re interested in participating in the How To Revise Your Novel Scholarship Contest, I’ve now put up my recommendations for free and inexpensive ways to create videos.

These include:

  • Mac/Windows Software
  • Mac ONLY software
  • Windows ONLY software (none of that yet—don’t use Windows, and don’t know what to recommend
  • Create-your-video ONLINE software
  • Stock Image Resources (PENDING)
  • Stock Sound Resources (PENDING)

And I’ve included the software I use and love.

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3 responses to “Cheap and Free Video Resources Now Up”

  1. Productiontrax Avatar

    Decent list of resources. How about ( — we have a lot of stock files music, video, photos, sound effects, all from the copyright owners — so you know you’re getting a safe and legal file to use in your projects.

  2. Holly Avatar

    Got your e-mail, added your suggested software. Thanks for helping out.

  3. LisaM Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    I clicked the link on the video-creation-and-editing-links page and was sent to the video entry submission box. I sent you my suggestion for a Windows software via this box, so I hope that’s ok. (I got a Congratulations message after hitting the submit button.)

    It’s an exciting contest!

    Thanks Holly.


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