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Added later: There was a link bug in the login link. I’ve fixed it. {beating head on wall} You should be able to join now.

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I apologize for posting more on this, but the affiliate program is a big deal for me, because I need help getting the word out on the books I and the other HollyShop authors have written—I want to have help with sales, recommendations from people who have genuinely enjoyed the books and found them useful, and I want to make sure that the folks who have made those recommendations and have sold the books are compensated promptly and fairly.

I got all the earnings from the iDevAffiliate program transferred over to the new program. So I started looking around for places to list the program, and found out that, the way I have it set up, it is unlistable. It’s considered an MLM, or multi-level marketing program, and MLMs have a bad reputation.

Now, I and the other writers agreed to pay up to 30% of what we make on the books we sell to affiliates who make sales for us. I had this divided so that you would get 15% of the sale price (minus PayPal fees) for direct sales, 10% for sales by people who signed up through you, and 5% for sales by people who signed through people who signed up through you, because clearly I want you to make money by selling the books, but I also want you to make money by referring the program to other people who will also sell the books.

Our objective as the writers of the books is to have people find and read them, and we can’t do that without advertising, and, bluntly, we can’t afford traditional advertising. A classified ad in Writer’s Digest costs hundreds of dollars, and may or may not deliver results. We can’t pay for maybe. But we can pay for results.

So here’s the deal.

I’ve eliminated the third tier. You’ll get paid 20% of the sale price—(cover price at time of purchase, minus the PayPal fee, which is 2.9% of the cover price +.30, or 3.9%+.30 for sales outside the US) for every book you sell for us. You’ll get a $10 bonus for signing up, which will be added to your first payment, which you get when you’ve earned $10. So your first payment will be at least $20. You’ll get an additional 10% of the sale price for any sale made by someone who signs up to the program through your link, for as long as they’re an affiliate. No third tier.

That’s the whole program. We, the writers, will still be paying you, the affiliates, for every book you sell for us (including books you buy for yourself through your affiliate link), but you’ll make more right off the top, and the money will add up faster. And you still have an incentive to sign up new affiliates. Please sign up new affiliates.) On a single $9.95 book sold to someone in the US, you’ll make $1.92. (9.95 – .33 PayPal fee = $9.62 x .20 = $1.92.). If someone you’ve signed up sells it, you’ll make $0.96. About a buck.

And you will have helped us—Zette, Sheila, Elizabeth, me, and new HollyShop author Katherine Kolata.

For those of you who are NOT affilates, but who have a weblog or website, or use e-mail, or have any friends you think would like the books we have in the e-book store, please join. We really need your help.

Thank you.

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9 responses to “Changes in the Affiliate Program”

  1. Grace V. Robinette Avatar
    Grace V. Robinette

    Holly, I want to buy Episode 4 The vipers Nest. When will the shop be open? Thank you.

    Please note: your mailing list for Readers and Writers is ‘not currently active’.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Grace.

      The shop won’t be open again until we get to the new site. The June 21st WordPress update broke my payment processor irreparably, and we are now hauling ass to get the new shop on the new site live.

      Both Longview Episode 3: The Philosopher Gambit, and Episode 4: Viper’s Nest, have to wait until the new site goes live.

      And thank you on the note on my mailing lists. I’ll check and see what else broke.

  2. Grace V. Robinette Avatar
    Grace V. Robinette

    Holly, I want to buy Episode 4 The vipers Nest. When will the shop be open? Thank you.

  3. Grace V. Robinette Avatar
    Grace V. Robinette

    I have signed up – Amazingrace – as Affiliate, trying to work through setting up my Blog, then website – am understanding the limits of my computer literacy, and now, on reading this post, am troubled.
    I still want to be in the Affiliate program. Am searching for specialized computer classes. Holly, they may/will be delay in my progress.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Hi, Grace. We’re moving to a major, high-quality affiliate program (the one my mentor, Jeff Walker, uses for his affiliates) on the new site. Members will have affiliate links for each course they can recommend on the course page.

      The existing affiliate program has been an expensive, flaky disaster.

      We’ll be moving the data from it into the new software.

      But the new affiliate program gets best-in-class for reliability in getting affiliates their commissions, and for ease of use on your end.

      Sit tight, and I’ll do a live chat on it for students once we have the site live.

  4. TimK Avatar

    Yeah, I’ve been noticing more phishing scams lately that direct the victim to a page on cracked sites. I don’t know whether the practice is becoming more common, or whether I’m just noticing it more. But the lesson is that if you run a website, guard against it getting cracked.


  5. Holly Avatar

    Thank you. Got and deleted it. Check your e-mail.

  6. Holly Avatar

    Please email me a copy of their spam at holly AT hollylisle DOT com so I can find where they’ve hidden their phishing folder.

  7. renakuzar Avatar

    It would appear that phishers are using as a place to phish accounts from bank of america customers. I often read the html underneath phishes as I’m in the computer security industry, and was surprised as they often use fly by night web sites for their fishing not legitimate small businesses.

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