The map thing isn’t going to work out, at least not for now. While Fractal Terrains works fine under XP (our sole operating system on our Windows machine, unfortunately), Campaign Cartographer 2 is toast. I have spent the better part of my free time today trying to get CC2 to not slaughter symbols, break rivers, trash roads, and otherwise just screw up royally, but no dice.

Worked fine under 98, of course, which we no longer have.

So until ProFantasy makes its software compatible with WinCrap XP, what I have are some expensive manuals that I can look at while wishing the programmers of XP to hell. I don’t blame the ProFantasy folks, of course. It isn’t their fault that WinCrap can’t manage backward compatibility. It’s never been able to manage backward compatibility.

And there’s not much chance for a Mac version of CC2, of course. Macs are not the machine of choice for gamers, role-playing or otherwise, and that’s the actual market for CC2. I’m just a would-be odd-market user.

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5 responses to “CC2 DOA”

  1. Wayne Ligon Avatar
    Wayne Ligon

    I think there are also ways to make your PC ‘dual bootable’, so that you can run two operating systems on the same machine. I’ve never done it, but you might want to look into it. Good thing to read this; I’d not heard of XP messing up CC2, but since I use it a LOT… now I’m hesitant to change machines.,

  2. James Milton Avatar
    James Milton

    Do hang in there, Holly. I’m a great fan of ProFantasy’s software (I have a terrible tendency to recommend it all over the place), and I’m pretty sure, given your Strange Mapping Tendencies, that you’ll love it when it gets to working. For the very little that it’s worth, I’m using Fractal Terrains/CC2/CD2 on Windows XP at the moment without any obvious problems, so it is possible. Good luck!



  3. Holly Avatar

    Thanks, both of you, for the info.
    I already had the patch — handn’t found the ‘switch emulation’ trick.

    No dice, though. It’s still totally screwed. I’m going to do some screen shots and send them to ProFantasy to see if they can figure out what the hell has gone wrong with my installation, or my version of XP, or whatever, but right now I’m still stuck with unusable software.

  4. Teddyrux Avatar

    Try what it suggests on the link. You can set program compatability on XP to older versions of Windows. If you set CC2 to Win98 it should work.

    Good luck

  5. Jim Woosley Avatar
    Jim Woosley

    Hoping to be helpful, some possible options:

    (a) I presume others have had this problem; call the manufacturer and see how they’ve handled it in the past — there should be patches. That is the cheapest alternative.
    (b) You can probably still find Win98 packages for sale. About $100, but….
    (c) You can look for a version of MacWindows (or whatever the Win emulator on Mac is called these days) that is Win98 compatible.
    (d) Look around a used computer shop or trade show for a Win98 machine for a couple of hundred dollars. (I’ve seen a really stripped down one go for $65 at a school fundraiser option — though nobody was really interested in bidding until I figured out how to strip the previous users porn off 🙂

    There’s got to be a way to beat Bill 🙂 Perservere…never give up on your dreams.

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