Caught Up

I did eighty-six pages of revision today instead of sixty, catching up from yesterday, and passed the first discontinuity — the place where I recognized one major mistake I was making in the story and fixed it in the latter part of the manuscript. So now I only have one set of major screw-ups to revise as I wend my way through the story, instead of two.

My mood has lifted considerably. There were places in the first part of this that really sucked, but past that first breakpoint, it’s reading a lot smoother.

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  1. PolarBear Avatar

    Yay!!!! Want a Velcro (TM) dog? I’m sure he’ll be a big help. I think he’s been talking to Spenser, and he’s trying to sit on my shoulder. At the moment, he’s on my lap with the keyboard on top of him. And he seems to like it. Groan.

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