Cats in Sinks

I don’t know why.

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8 responses to “Cats in Sinks”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Because they can. (grin)

  2. TinaK Avatar

    I could put a picture of my own cat in a sink on that site. LOL My cat loves to sleep in the bathroom sink. When he’s not drinking the running water he demands everytime you go to the bathroom. Boy, are we trained well!

  3. arrvee Avatar


    Our Skitty Kitty refused to drink from a bowl. We had to leave the water dripping in the kitchen sink for her. Cats are interesting creatures.

  4. michellerowen Avatar

    Thank you. I think you just made my day. LOL!

  5. Jenne Avatar

    Have you seen Stuff on my Cat? For some reason, that site cracks me up.

  6. klharrds Avatar

    Cute but weird.

  7. enyafan713 Avatar

    I loved it! They were adorable! How did you find it?

  8. Kayla LH Avatar


    I wonder if those cats realize how very close they are to a potential dousing of water?

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